January 17, 2008-October 14, 2010

A commentor on my blog had this up on her website.  For more information, go here. Categories are: Travel, Interpersonal Relationships, Career, Health, Fun, Spiritual/Personal Growth.

Blue – Tasks that are in progress

Line cross – finished

101 Things in 1001 days

1. Master a particular form of dance (preferably fast-tempo dance, swing or salsa) so that I’m not stuck on beginner level classes.

2. Complete a mini-triathalon.

3. Get back into running regularly (cross-country running, that is; not on pavement) been running consistently for almost a month (8/18/08)

4. Run 5K races 1x a month or every other month. am signed up for a 5K on 9/14/08

5. Learn how to swim a proper crawl stroke.

6. Compete on a co-ed sports team (volleyball, basketball, or softball).

7. Take tennis lessons in the city.

8. Enroll in a yoga teacher certification course.

9. Go skiing 1x a month in the winter.

10. Go to a trapeze place on a Sunday afternoon.

11. Take a fencing class in the city.

12. Go kayaking on the Hudson River.

13.  Take writing classes for a semester (writing for magazines, creative nonfiction) – am starting a Writing for Magazine course next week, will last 6 weeks  finished course on 3/12/2007, will try to find another course sometime in the fall, preferably on personal essay/memoir

14. Join a writers group – first meeting on Sunday accomplished, group started 2/3/2007

15. Get my articles published in a national magazine

16. Revise my resume

17. Get a new job within the organization that I currently work for or in another place altogether – plan being evaluated

18. Attend at least 1 job fair, preferably 2-3, in the next 2-3 months.

19. Take an MS Excel and/or Database class

20. Take a cross-country trip across the US

21. Travel to Argentina

22. Travel to Peru

23. Travel to Brazil

24. Travel to South Africa to visit family.

25. Travel to Australia

26. Travel to Israel again and spend some serious quality time with family.

27. Visit Amsterdam again.

28. Visit Prague again.

29. Visit Montreal again.

30. Enter a karaoke contest

31. Learn how to sew

32. Take ulpan so I can actually have conversations in Hebrew with my family

33 Relearn Spanish

34. Learn how to play blackjack

35. Go to a $10 blackjack table and walk away either even or with more money than I came with

36. Grow my hair extra long and donate my hair to Locks of Love – plan to grow my hair long until the end of the summer, my hair should be long enough at that point to cut off the amount of hair necessary to donate got my Locks of Love Haircut on 8/15/08

37. Wear a short hairstyle for at least 3 months (either shoulder level or above)

38. Learn how to cook a real meal (everything from scratch; 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 dessert)

39. Host a Shabbas meal (does not necessarily have to be in my place)

40. Host a Torah class in my home

41. Get back into learning regularly 1x a week (Jewish learning).- am starting a JLI class on Monday; class finished on 3/10/2007; am still trying to find something consistent

42. Pray for 15-20 minutes in the morning instead of 10 minutes – some mornings are better than others

43. Pray 2x a day regularly instead of 1x a day.

44. Read biographies of important figures in Jewish history.

45. Pick a shul and sign up for membership there.

46. Volunteer for a presidential campaign (assuming I find a candidate I am interested in).

47. Go to a local community board meeting.

48. Vote in every election between now and the end of this project.

49. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

50. Bike the pathway along the Hudson River

51. Bike the pathway along the East River

52. Go to the Holocaust Museum by Battery Park.

53. Go to the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights.

54. Go to the Lower East Side tenement museum.

55. Dine in every kosher restaurant in New York City at least 1 time. – am using my shul list of kosher restaurants (take-out places don’t count) – I have eaten at 30 32 out of 73 kosher restaurants in NYC.

56. Travel to outer borough neighborhoods (ie Williamsburg, Kew Gardens Hills)

57. Go to a different Shabbas service 1x a month mission accomplished: started alternating between going to the regular services at my shul and beginner services last month and went to a service at another shul last week

58. Re-learn how to play piano.

59. Learn how to play the drums.

60. See an off-Broadway show 1x a month or every other month.

61. Go to the opera 1-2x a year.

62. Start a family tree (thank you, Bill!).

63. Learn how to drive stick-shift

64. Learn how to ride a Vespa

65. Try out for American Gladiators

66. Learn how to surf

67. Learn how to snowboard

68. Get manicures/pedicures regularly – right now (6-08) I’m averaging once a month;

69. Stop biting my nails.

70. Go to the Turkish bath place in the east village

71. Hike Bear Mountain

72. Learn how to apply makeup (even eyeliner!)

73. Take a public speaking class.

74. Go to Poland and visit the town where my grandmother lived.

75. Go to Germany and visit the places where my dad’s family came from.

76. Go camping for a weekend.

77. Take a class in watercolor painting.

78. Do a walking tour of the Lower East Side.

79. Do a walking tour of Harlem.

80. Go to the Blue Note.

81. See all the movies nominated for Best Picture for the Oscars. – this year, I’ve seen 1 out of 5 movies nominated for Best Picture, pretty pathetic.

82. See all the movies nominated for Best Foreign Language Picture for the Oscars.

83. Put up a photo album on my Facebook profile.

84. Update my mini I-pod.

85. Decorate a plain tee/tank top

86. Tie-dye a t-shirt.

87. Knit my nephews a couple of scarves.

88. Go without watching reality TV for one week.

89. Eat some fruit everyday

90. Try an improv class

91. Go to Seattle.

92. Go to Vancouver.

93. Go to Alaska.

94. Go to Hawaii.

95. Write a letter to the editor of the New York Times

96.  Buy a plasma screen Tv.

97.  Get my ears pierced. accomplished February 18, 2008

98. Learn how to play poker.

99. Go to a country western bar and ride a mechanical bull.

100. Learn how to play Guitar-Hero.

101. Learn how to play Dance Dance Revolution.


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