Heroes Season 2 Chapter 6

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If you have not watched this episode yet, do not read this post. I trust that everyone who reads this post has seen the episode. Getting on with it:

Claire/West: Claire does not make the cheerleading team due to Debbie, the resident mean girl. West persuades Claire to play a trick on her; Claire goes to Debbie one night after school and asks to be given another chance to audition; I should probably tell you that Debbie was a little drunk. West comes up from behind and kidnaps Claire, flies up to the sky, and then drops her; Debbie runs off and West flies after her. The cops come in and they don’t see anything wrong; Claire walks up innocently, the cops question Debbie, and they see the bottle of alcohol and bust her for drinking. Debbie is off the team and now there is one spot left.

I still think that West will be shown to be a bad guy later on, and Claire might follow him as well.

HRG and The Haitian Guy: They go off to Russia (or was it the Ukraine) to find the head of the company, Ivan. They tie him up in his apartment and ask him where all the paintings are. Ivan refuses to tell him and asks HRG to re-join the company, the Haitian Guy takes away Ivan’s memories of how he met his wife and the memories of his daughter (?) who is supposedly dead. Ivan does tell HRG where the paintings are but HRG decides to kill him anyway.

This storyline was the best part of the episode; the paintings as well as the picture of all 12 members of the previous generation are the cornerstone of Season 2. Seeing the paintings together is an awesome visual, and it keeps the viewers attention even through other less interesting storylines.

Maya/Alejandro/Sylar: The threesome are still trying to make their way to the US when they come across border police. Sylar yells at Maya to keep driving, she gets upset and I don’t need to tell you the rest. Later, they stop off on the side of the road; Alejandro and Sylar butt heads, Alejandro does not trust Sylar but Maya wants him to stay. It turns out that Alejandro is right not to trust Sylar because Sylar states his true intentions when Maya is not in listening distance; too bad Alejandro does not understand English.

I do not like this storyline with the twins at all, the sooner one or both of them are killed off the better.

Hiro/Kensei: They fight the White Beard Battle; Yaeko’s father is rescued, Hiro saves Yaeko from a bullet and they kiss. Kensei sees this, and attacks Hiro from behind and takes Yaeko and her father hostage.

I am bored with this story already, although I do get a kick out of Hiro writing on the scrolls and sticking them in the sword so that Ando knows what is going on. Bring Hiro back to the present time.

The Company: Suresh is testing Monica and Bob tells him to inject Monica with a medicine that might take away her powers. Suresh refuses to do that and Bob backs off, and gives Monica an Ipod with all sorts of clips on it. Nicki is Suresh’s new partner, I don’t think that will end well.

Peter: Kaitlin refuses to leave Peter and they go off to Montreal and find a note in the building that was seen in the painting. The note is from someone named Adam, who might be imprisoned by The Company. Somehow, Peter and Kaitlin end up in New York, on June 14, 2008 and we see a deserted city with evacuation notices all over the place. It looks like there will be another disaster set to take place in New York.


Positive Blogging

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 Starting on Sunday, I will participate in a cool new project. Spread the word.

Going to the Chuppah

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Last night I went to my chavrusa’s engagement party (for the sake of anonymity, I will call her D.) We learn together once a week through the Aish 1 on 1 learning program. We’ve known each other a little over a year and have formed a close friendship.

D. and her fiance were dating for 5 weeks before they got engaged. They are not the only couple I know of who got engaged after a short time of dating. Bill’s friend recently got engaged after dating her fiance for 2 months (before dating, they were acquaintances/friends for 5 years) and my friend, J., got engaged to her then boyfriend, now husband, after 3 months of dating.

How well do you really know someone after 1-3 months of dating? D. told me that she went on 13 dates with her fiance’ and that each date was 5-10 hours in length. If you are scratching your head in confusion, here’s a little background: D. and her fiance live in religious neighborhoods in the New York area. D. was brought up religious and I think her fiance was too. If you want a primer on dating in orthodox jewish circles, go here. During those dates,  D. and her fiance were shomer negia, and I also assume that they will be shomer negia until their wedding day. Imagine 12-13 dates of 5-10 hours each spent talking, you get to know someone very well that way.

I can’t help but look back on my thoughts on dating and marriage before becoming observant compared to the way I feel now. Before I became observant, I used to think that dating for years at a time before getting engaged was the norm.  There might also be a large amount of time between when a couple gets engaged and when they get married, depending on how large (and expensive) of a wedding they want. Some of the couples I know dated for several years before getting married, we are talking family and friends, friends of friends, Jewish and non-Jewish too. This was the norm for weddings I went to before I became observant.

It took a 2 year relationship that ended for me to think “Hmm, maybe Orthodox Jews are on to something.” It takes a long time to integrate new beliefs into your old way of thinking, that is something I’ve noticed with my friends who have become observant. We have to navigate this new world of religion into our lives and try not to step on too many toes in the process.

I have noticed that orthodox judaism has seeped its way into pop culture and it sometimes makes it easier to explain to non-Jewish and non-observant Jewish friends and family why we are observant. VH1 had a popular reality show earlier this year on a former TV star who woke up one day, realized that he is in his 40s and has never been married, and wants to examine how he got there.   I think a show like this can really open the doors for discussion between a newly observant person and his/her family about Jewish perspecitves on dating.

As for me, while I don’t feel that 1-3 months of dating is enough time to date someone before engagement, I have shortened my time frame considerably. Now I feel that 6-12 months of dating is a good amount of time for a couple to date before getting engaged. When I started writing this post, I had a different idea of where this would go. This was a little more serious than I originally intended and I still don’t feel like it has a clear sense of purpose, it was a very scattered post : (  Writing is not always a smooth process, hope you get something out of this post anyway.

Why Is It So Hard To….

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find tickets under $100 for concerts? I can’t find good tickets under $100 for The Police concert on Halloween that is not behind the stage and/or up in the nosebleed section. I would also love to see Duran Duran but most of the tickets I see on craigslist are at least $200-$300. I like Duran Duran but not that much.

The Blue Man and The Sexy Convict

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That title refers to the costumes Bill and I wore to a Halloween party on Saturday night. In a previous post, I mentioned that I did not have to buy a costume for Bill. As a ‘Blue Man’, Bill did not have to get a costume but he needed a whole lot of blue face paint, spirit gum (some kind of glue) and remover, and a bald wig. In case you’re wondering, it takes a very long time to paint your face blue. The bald wig also had to be painted blue. By the time he asked me to help him, his face was blue but he needed help painting the back of his head. What does one wear as a Blue Man? Bill was all dressed in black turtleneck and pants. We aimed to get to the party by 11:00 but by the time we finished up and left his place, we didn’t get to the party until midnight.

The party was held at a downtown loft in support of The Fertile Grounds Project. The loft was very close to the Holland Tunnel, we walk up and we hear some really cool house, dancey music and we see a whole bunch of wacky costumes. I do have to say it was very nice to not be at a bar, there’s something about house parties that are just so much cooler than a bar. Also, the fact that we were partying for a good cause was a great motivator in traveling downtown. Believe me, that part of the city is real tough to get to via public transporation and it is not easy to get there by cab,  especialy if your cab driver has no idea what the hell he’s doing.

Getting back to the party… our friends’ costumes were pretty cool as well; we had a goth cheerleader, naughty schoolgirl costume in the style of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a policewoman, an EMT, and a costume that reminded me of Bonnie and Clyde.

The pictures came out very nice and this is coming from someone who does not like how she looks in pictures. Either I close my eyes, my smile is ridiculously toothy, I’m looking the wrong way, or all of the above. There were a few not so nice pics of me but I’m happy with the picture overall. There are pictures on my Facebook page; if you don’t have access to that page and want to see some pictures, leave me a comment and we’ll work something out.

Score One for City Living

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I got a kick out of this article at Newsweek describing the health benefits of living in a city. I walk to work everyday, except for times like this morning that I was running late and took the bus. It is about a 15 minute walk to work.  I prefer that commute alot more than my first commute to my job right after college graduation, which was an hour drive each way. Even if I don’t go to the gym, I know that I will get exercise just by walking to work. I am not sure what the future holds but for now, I am very happy being a city girl.

Gee, Nice to See You Again

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This month, I had the experience of running into someone I used to go out with earlier this year. For the purposes of this story, I will call this gentleman Geographically Undesirable Man (G.U.M.). G.U.M. and I met at a shabbat dinner at a mutual friend’s and we saw each other for the few weeks he was in town. When he got back home, we kept in touch over the phone but it became clear that things were not going to work out. He said that he did not want to move back to the New York City area and I said that I have no intention of moving out of the New York area. We mutually agreed to end contact. A few weeks after that conversation, I went out on my first date with Bill.

Fast forward about 5 months after that first date and Bill and I go to a dinner on the upper west side during the Simchat Torah holidays. To my surprise, I see GUM walk into the room where I was sitting with Bill. We say hello, and I introduce him to Bill. There was some inner gloating going on, and I think it might have shown on my face. Anyone who knows me can agree that I have no poker face; if I am happy, sad, or just plain pissed off, you see it on my face. I would not make a good poker player.

After a few minutes of gloating (okay, maybe it lasted longer than that), a sense of gratitude washed over me. Sometimes what seems like a big disappointment can lead you to a wonderful opportunity. I feel blessed to be in a relationship with someone who just gets me and vice versa, I can truly be myself around him, can be happy, cranky and everything in between and it’s okay.

I wish for all my single friends to meet someone special who just gets them and vice versa and I’m happy for all my friends who are in good relationships. You can also have this same feeling for people that you used to go out with (of course, provided that things ended in a healthy way; if not, the road to that feeling is undeniably more challenging), I found myself thinking at that dinner “I hope GUM finds a nice woman who understands him”, it would have been nicer if I could have skipped the whole inner gloating thing to begin with.

Heroes Season 2 Chapter 5: The Debut of Veronica Mars

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I loved this last episode of Heroes. I have read quite a few reviews stating that the quality of the first few episodes is downhill from the last season and I disagree. It takes time to build a storyline and we are so used to instant gratification; it’s like we don’t know what to do when things move slowly. I feel that this episode is the beginning of a great payback for the viewers.

I loved the storyline with Nathan, Matt, and Matt’s dad. It turns out that Matt’s dad can not only read minds but can also trap people in their own nightmares. The scenes of Parkman and Matt fighting their demons only in the end to figure out that they are fighting each other was the coolest scene of the season so far. The picture of the older generation is a great foundation for the first half of the season; I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I like Kristen Bell’s character; the scene where she says “I killed him, so what’s the big deal” cracked me up. Bill and I discussed who could be Elle’s dad, and he thinks that Parkman’s dad is also Elle’s dad, which I think makes sense. Parkman was 13 when his dad abandoned the family, there seems to be a 13 year age difference between Parkman and Elle.

BTW, does anyone know of bars in the new york area that shows Heroes on Monday night? I would love to find a group of fans who are crazy about the show as much as I am.

Haveil Havalim is up!

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Check out Haveil Havalim #138, hope you enjoy!

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Time at Ikea

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Bill and I are approaching our 6 month anniversary. So, I’ve been doing alot of reminiscing about our relationship; how we met, our first date, the fun activities we did together in the summer from going to Top of the Rock to seeing the Mets to swing dancing at Lincoln Center, all the movies we’ve seen, dinners out, coffee runs at Starbucks, and I have a big, goofy grin on my face while I’m typing this.

I think anyone can agree that relationships do not grow simply through good times like the ones I mentioned above. There needs to be some struggle, you have to see your significant other when he/she is cranky, sad, angry or all of the above. What is most important is how your SO handles these feelings and whether they take any of their frustrations out on you or on other people. These episodes can determine how the relationship or even if the relationship continues.

We are going back to the summer of 2007, picture a Sunday morning, kind of cloudy outside, and Bill wanted to get out of the city for the day. We planned to visit friends in Teaneck, go to Ikea to do some shopping for Bill’s place, and return to the city in time to go to my brother, Dr. O’s birthday party.

We have a nice lunch at the Pasta Factory, see some of Bill’s friends, then we’re off to Ikea and that’s where the ‘fun’ begins. Ikea is one of the most overwhelming stores in the world, talk about sensory overload! The store is an obstacle course of left over shopping carts, people gazing off into space in the middle of the aisle, crying kids, harried salespeople, and, I almost forgot, furniture!

Bill did his homework beforehand; he knew what pieces of furniture he needed and the dimensions for those needed pieces of furniture. We get to the sections with bureaus and armoires, and we spend a good amount of time in a debate of “Oak vs. Birch”. Throughout this process, he thanked me for coming with him. We got on line to give the salesperson the information needed to purchase the armoire.

Standing in a long line is bound to test anyone’s patience. Imagine getting to the salesperson and giving your order only to find out that the store doesn’t have the necessary hinges for your furniture and that you will have to go back to the store and order them. That did not make Bill very happy and he asked to talk to a manager. I am trying to keep the pencils away from Bill in case he gets tempted to stab the salesperson, not like he could have done much damage anyway. The pencils were not even sharpened, I guess management is very smart. After talking to the manager, Bill decides to order the armoire anyway and he will get the hinges at a later date.

We end up on the first floor where Bill has to pick up another piece of furniture (I think it was a bookcase), and we go to the back of the area where there is a bunch of furniture on clearance. Bill goes in the room and I lean back against the wall, ready to collapse right there. I must have had quite the look on my face because Bill looks at me, walks up and says something like “You look really pissed off, why don’t you sit down and rest”. Then, he thanked me again for accompanying him to Ikea.

The checkout process is the biggest pain of all. The lines are very disorganized and I had to discourage Bill from buying everything in ‘the cheapie racks’ (the racks of cheap stuff conveniently placed near the checkout lines, I’ve also seen it in Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, the Gap, etc. It is meant to make you spend more $$, I’ve fallen prey to that strategy too many times to admit). Then, after we check out, we have to go to the delivery desk (?) where you have to tell them when and where you want your furniture delivered. They don’t deliver your furniture at night so that causes problems for those of us who work during the day and there are no Sunday deliveries so if you’re Sabbath observant you have no choice but to schedule it at a time that is inconvenient for you.

Eventually we get out of the store and even get back to the city in time to make an appearance at Dr. O’s birthday party. It was Bill’s first time meeting Dr. O and his wife, Dr. N, and it went very well.

Moral of the story: If you want to see how well your relationship is going, go spend an afternoon in Ikea. If you still like your SO after the trip is over, then your relationship is in good shape.

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