A spice girl, a racecar driver, and a male model walk into a bar

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This is not the start of a cheesy joke, just my way of bringing up “Dancing with the Stars”. I will also post videos of dances that I love for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado:

Hottie Race Car Driver: I did not know anything about Helio Castroneves before the show, and therefore had no expectations whatsoever. Not only can he dance and perform well, the vignettes show that he has a very charming personality that people can relate to. See the yumminess that is Helio in this clip.

Cha-Cha Cheetah Girl: Since I am not a pre-teen girl, I did not know anything about the Cheetah Girls other than the fact that the little girl from the Cosby Show was in the group. I initially thought that Sabrina Bryan might not last too long on the show but after seeing this performance, I realized that she has a very good chance of staying until the end, and perhaps being the first woman since Kelly Monaco to take the trophy.

Scary Spice: If looking good is the best revenge, then it’s safe to say that Mel B has gotten her revenge. What she may not know in technique she can make up in performance. Also, her personal story is sure to get her some sympathy from fans. I loved her quickstep and I’m not just saying this because of the song they danced to. That was unexpectedly good song selection.

Kelly Taylor: She has so much natural talent but very little confidence and it is such a killer. She came into this with a strong fan base but might lose fans if she doesn’t chill out and have fun. I actually liked her quickstep routine, even the last few seconds are cute. So what, she fell down?! Whoopee

Dr. Quinn: I love Jane Seymour, I hope to look this good when I am 56 years old.  I don’t understand why the two male judges wanted her to be more raunchy when she was dancing the mambo. Thank G-d Carrie Ann was the voice of reason during that interchange. She is an elegant woman, leave her alone and let her be elegant, seriously!

The Boxer: You may know how to shake your booty in a club but it doesn’t necessarily translate to the ballroom. Floyd Mayweather tries so hard, he’s got tons of energy and is very fun to watch. I do hope he sticks it out and outlasts some of the other contestants.

Stiffy McStiff: I haven’t been so disappointed in a contestant since Harry Hamlin. When the judges start off their critique by saying “You look really good on the dance floor”, you know the comments are only going downhill from here.

Mr. Billionaire Businessman: Mark Cuban just gets on my nerves, I wish he concentrated as much on his dance moves as he does on lipsynching the words to the songs he dances to.

Viva Las Vegas: Watching him do the cha-cha was more painful than going to the dentist. My G-d, the people that run the show really don’t want Cheryl Burke to win this year. She must have pissed off some important people. I shudder to think what would happen if they make it to the episode where they dance the samba.

She’s A Little Bit Country: I really don’t know what to think of Marie Osmond, wasn’t too impressed with her fox trot but her mambo was way better than I ever thought it would be. It doesn’t hurt that has an awesome dance partner in Jonathan Roberts.

 Dearly Departed Dancers

Albert Reed: I really wanted him to stay in the competition longer. His cha-cha was hillarious fun, and I thought he would stay until the 6th episode, at least. But, he was screwed over in the quickstep with horrible song selection, dancing the quickstep to a song about nuclear war is just so wrong. Anyway, let’s look at his cha-cha and reminisce over what could have been.

Josie Maran: Being called “deceptively unfit” on national TV kinda sucks. Like Cheryl Burke, Alec Mazo must have pissed some important people off. This is the 2nd time in a row he and his partner get voted off first.


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