Heroes Season 2 Chapter 4

October 16, 2007 at 2:27 pm | Posted in TV shows | 1 Comment

I love how each episode of Heroes keeps getting better. I feel like they’re building up to some unbelievable stuff and the viewers will be rewarded for their patience. Even though there was no Peter Petrelli or Hiro and Kensei, there was still so much action. 

Claire: I love how she is trying to test her limits not only on herself but with her dad. She has a boyfriend, a cute one at that, who takes her flying on dates. I do think West will turn out to a be a bad guy, just have a feeling about that. She tells her dad that she decided to join the cheerleading squad, even though he forbidded her from doing so. In reality, she does so in order to continue seeing West

Horn Rimmed Glasses (HRG): HRG asks Claire whether she has a boyfriend, she denies that she is dating anyone. He finds out from the Haitian guy that they have to go Odessa, Ukraine. Let’s see how he will explain that to his family.

The Petrelli family: We find out that Nathan is separated from his family, and that Angela confessed to the murder of Kaito Nakamura even though she didn’t do it. It’s obvious she has alot to hide and despite talks with Parkman and Nathan asking her not to confess, she does so anyway. I do think that she will die at some point this season. In less important news, Nathan finally decides to do away with the Tom Hanks castaway look and shaves off his beard.

Mollie and her two dads: Parkman and Mohinder continue to deal with Molly’s nightmares, Parkman gets a picture of Nakamura/Petrelli/Linderman and company from Nathan and asks Mollie to identify a man in the picture, turns out he is Parkman’s dad who left the family when Parkman was 13 and is also Mollie’s boogieman. So of course, Parkman asks Mollie to find him, which she does with horrible results. She becomes unconscious, Parkman reads her mind and she’s screaming “Help me Matt”. They better not kill of Mollie, she’s a cute little kid even though her scenes remind me of Haley Joel Osment and Sixth Sense (“I see dead people”)

On the run in Mexico: Maya, Alejandro aka as the twins and the dude they picked up in jail come across Sylar on the road and pick him up. They take a pit stop and the jail dude sees a wanted poster of the twins; Sylar pretends to help the dude out but ends up killing him instead. Sylar goes back to the car, tells Maya and Alejandro that he knows they’re wanted and that the jail dude called the police, Maya gets upset and almost kills Sylar, Alejandro stops her, and they are off to New York to find Mohinder. I am having a hard time getting into the twins’ storyline.

The New Orleans crew: We find Micah with his family in New Orleans, Nana is the woman in charge of the house, very tough but loving lady. Micah’s cousin is not cool with having him around, we see the character of Monica for the first time, she works for a burger place but has bigger plans with her life. We find out that she has powers too, she sees something on TV and is automatically able to replicate the action. She finds out that she is not eligible for the management training program, and laments how the hurricane has ruined things for her. She comes home to find her son and Micah watching wrestling on pay per view, even though she told her son he wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling (thanks to Micah), thank G-d for Micah because at the end of the episode she uses a wrestling move on someone who wants to rob the fast food place. I am liking this storyline very much.

Next week, we see Veronica Mars and I am intrigued with her character. Yes, I know the character’s name is Elle, not Veronica Mars but indulge me a bit here : ) For those who are crazy about everything Heroes, read this interview with HRG.


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  1. B”H

    Maybe you should have a spoiler alert at the top of your blog. I haven’t seen ep. 4 of heroes, yet, and almost accidentally read this post. Oy! 😉

    Maybe I’ll see it tonight.

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