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October 22, 2007 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Judaism | Leave a comment

This past weekend, I went to the first dinner of the year of the beginners program at my shul. I first started attending classes at this program 2 years ago. The dinners always attract such a great crowd. I was attracted to this program because of the diversity of the people that go to the classes and to their minyan. You have singles, couples, and families, and religious observance spans all levels. It is one of the few places that has a non-judgmental atmosphere and it is not just talk. 

Back to the dinners….oh yes, the food is always very good (stuffed chicken dish, and there are vegetarian options too) and there is always plenty of it too, as seen by my unfinished plate at this past meal. I am a very big fan of their desserts, there is this chocolate decadence dessert that is to die for and I was really hoping for that dessert; instead we got strawberry sorbet in a dark chocolate shell which was a perfect end to the meal.

What about the main lecture? For this dinner, the speaker was the rabbi from the neighborhood Chabad and he spoke about Mashiach, the title was “Why Mashiach, Why Now”. To get a better understanding of that concept, you can go here

The main idea of the lecture,at least how I understood it, is that it is up to us to bring Mashiach back by being the best Jews we can be, by observing mitzvos and being kind to our fellow Jews.  It is one of these lectures that are meant to inspire everyone, and it does not matter how observant you are. Each person can take a different message away from this lecture. If anyone was also at the dinner and has something to add, it would be appreciated : )


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