Heroes Season 2 Chapter 6

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If you have not watched this episode yet, do not read this post. I trust that everyone who reads this post has seen the episode. Getting on with it:

Claire/West: Claire does not make the cheerleading team due to Debbie, the resident mean girl. West persuades Claire to play a trick on her; Claire goes to Debbie one night after school and asks to be given another chance to audition; I should probably tell you that Debbie was a little drunk. West comes up from behind and kidnaps Claire, flies up to the sky, and then drops her; Debbie runs off and West flies after her. The cops come in and they don’t see anything wrong; Claire walks up innocently, the cops question Debbie, and they see the bottle of alcohol and bust her for drinking. Debbie is off the team and now there is one spot left.

I still think that West will be shown to be a bad guy later on, and Claire might follow him as well.

HRG and The Haitian Guy: They go off to Russia (or was it the Ukraine) to find the head of the company, Ivan. They tie him up in his apartment and ask him where all the paintings are. Ivan refuses to tell him and asks HRG to re-join the company, the Haitian Guy takes away Ivan’s memories of how he met his wife and the memories of his daughter (?) who is supposedly dead. Ivan does tell HRG where the paintings are but HRG decides to kill him anyway.

This storyline was the best part of the episode; the paintings as well as the picture of all 12 members of the previous generation are the cornerstone of Season 2. Seeing the paintings together is an awesome visual, and it keeps the viewers attention even through other less interesting storylines.

Maya/Alejandro/Sylar: The threesome are still trying to make their way to the US when they come across border police. Sylar yells at Maya to keep driving, she gets upset and I don’t need to tell you the rest. Later, they stop off on the side of the road; Alejandro and Sylar butt heads, Alejandro does not trust Sylar but Maya wants him to stay. It turns out that Alejandro is right not to trust Sylar because Sylar states his true intentions when Maya is not in listening distance; too bad Alejandro does not understand English.

I do not like this storyline with the twins at all, the sooner one or both of them are killed off the better.

Hiro/Kensei: They fight the White Beard Battle; Yaeko’s father is rescued, Hiro saves Yaeko from a bullet and they kiss. Kensei sees this, and attacks Hiro from behind and takes Yaeko and her father hostage.

I am bored with this story already, although I do get a kick out of Hiro writing on the scrolls and sticking them in the sword so that Ando knows what is going on. Bring Hiro back to the present time.

The Company: Suresh is testing Monica and Bob tells him to inject Monica with a medicine that might take away her powers. Suresh refuses to do that and Bob backs off, and gives Monica an Ipod with all sorts of clips on it. Nicki is Suresh’s new partner, I don’t think that will end well.

Peter: Kaitlin refuses to leave Peter and they go off to Montreal and find a note in the building that was seen in the painting. The note is from someone named Adam, who might be imprisoned by The Company. Somehow, Peter and Kaitlin end up in New York, on June 14, 2008 and we see a deserted city with evacuation notices all over the place. It looks like there will be another disaster set to take place in New York.


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