Heroes Season 2 Chapter 10

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After the awesome-ness of last week, I felt that this installment, while alot better than the first few episodes, took a little step back. Again, we are left in the same position of “1 episode left, time to cram a whole bunch of storyline resolutions in 42 minutes or less”.

The Hunt For Victoria Pratt: Adam and Peter find Victoria Pratt in a cabin somewhere in Maine .Victoria holds a gun on Peter and directs him to go inside. She explains to Peter about the Shanti virus, specifically the 138 strain and how destructive it can be if let out. Peter asks Victoria where the virus is and she says it’s in New Mexico. Peter tells Adam what she said and Victoria comes out and shoots Adam. Peter hits her from behind and they take her back in the house and tie her up. Long story short, Victoria somehow ends up dead and Adam and Peter are on their way to Odessa, Texas to the Primatech paper facility aka as hiding place for world’s deadliest virus. Peter wants to destory the virus but unbeknownst to him, Adam wants to unleash the virus and destroy the world.

New Orleans: Nicki comes back to New Orleans and tells Micah she is sick. Micah’s backpack is stolen by his cousin who wants to sell his comic books. DL’s medal is also in the backpack and Micah is upset. Monica decides that she will break into the house where the backpack is and take it. Problem is, the men who own the house come back right as she is about to leave and she is caught. Micah is waiting outside and he runs off. Nicki gets some good news from Suresh, there is a cure for her and she rushes to tell Micah, who is nowhere to be found.

Sylar, Maya, and Alejandro: The threesome wind up in Virginia; Maya and Sylar are sharing a romantic picnic; Alejandro surfs the web and finds a clipping related to the murder of Sylar’s mom. Sylar upsets Maya, and she is able to control her power for the first time. She rushes in to tell Alejandro and he shows her the clipping. Maya is able to feel sympathy for Sylar and Alejandro runs off. Later in the hotel room, Alejandro confronts Sylar and ends up getting killed for his efforts. Maya knocks on the door and doesn’t see her dead brother in the room.

California dreaming: Elle is told to keep an eye on Claire by Bob; HRG is still being kept in a mysterious room by Suresh. Bob hands Sandra the ashes of HRG while being held at gunpoint, who knew Mrs. Bennett could hold a gun so convincingly? The Benett family and West go to the beach before leaving for Salt Lake City and throw HRG’s ashes into the water. Claire spots Elle and they have an intense confrontation. Claire threatens to go public with her abilities unless she is left alone. Suresh gets a call from Sylar, he and Maya are with Molly and demand to see Suresh right away.

Back in Japan, Hiro and Ando are trying to figure out who Adam Monroe is. They find a letter dated to 1977 about Adam Monroe; Hiro travels back in time to the company offices in Valhalla, NY in 1977 and learns that his dad imprisoned Adam because of the virus. Victoria implores Kaito to hide the virus and destory all forms of the virus. Hiro travels in time again to Odessa Texas and finds Peter Petrelli with Adam. He goes to kill Adam with the Kensei sword and that’s where the episode stops.


My Encounter With Mr. Big

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My closest run-ins with celebrities have been a picture of me with Jesse Martin taken 6-7 years ago and a Saturday night at Brandy’s last winter with Theatre Chick where we struck up conversation with an Apprentice cast member. D-Listed and People are among the websites I surf daily and I have been known to peek at Perez Hilton once in awhile. Some people go insane over anything Hollywood. I never understood how anyone could stand in line for hours just to see a celebrity and get an autograph, to me it seemed like a big waste of time.

When I learned that Sex and The City was filming in my neighborhood, I had this intense desire to see every bit of filming that I could. As this New York Times article shows, I was not only the only person to feel this way. The woman who couldn’t care less about getting autographs from celebs was all about seeing everyone from Sex and The City, specifically Mr. Big. I was peeved when I learned that I missed an opportunity to see the first day of filming with SJP and Chris Noth by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thanks to the NY Daily News, I learned that the cast was shooting on the corner of 70th St. and Lexington Ave. the following day and I went after work.  Chris Noth and Kristen Davis were supposed to be shooting a scene.

We must have stood there for at least 30 minutes; there was a lady telling us all the rules, no flash photography, no standing beyond the sidewalk, blah blah blah. Suddenly, I hear a buzz in the air and we see Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big aka Detective Mike Logan, in the flesh. It is hard to believe but he is so much better looking in person than he is on TV and he is not a bad looking man at all. Even though I stood around for at least 30 minutes and I only saw Chris Noth for a minute or two at most, it was so worth it.

Movies, TV, and music can serve as an escape from reality and/or as a window into the lifestyles of people whom you might never get to meet in real life.  However, there are those few times when you watch a show and you identify with some of the characters, despite the differences in lifestyle. That’s how I felt about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Even though I might never make enough money to buy a pair of Blahniks, or go to all the hottest clubs and lounges, I felt like I had so much in common with them Who has not had dates that have gone horribly wrong, relationships that seemed so wonderful at first but ended in the most heartbreaking ways, and unexpected events in life that have forced you to re-evaluate your goals and dreams? Raise your hand if you have never gone through any of these things…..anyone, anyone? Okay, didn’t think so.

There are TV shows that bomb spectacularly, TV shows that last a season or two and then disappear, and then you have those shows that everyone talks about years after it ends. Through syndication, SATC has gained new fans and even the fans who have been around since the beginning can watch the Fab Four again and again. Will I be standing in line for opening weekend in May of 2008? In the words of Mr. Bib, absof*ckinlutely!

To reward your patience for reading this longer than I thought post, I have enclosed a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.




August Rush

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On Saturday night, Best Friend and I went to our local movie theatre to see August Rush. With popcorn and orange soda in hand, we rushed to get good seats. I’ve been seeing previews for this film for at least a month, maybe longer, and was beginning to wonder when this movie will come out. It’s not everyday that a group of your favorite celebs appear in the same film.

If you like your movies with a box of Kleenex on the side, then August Rush is your movie. Yes, it’s a sappy, somewhat melodramatic film that requires you to put reality on hold but at least the music is incredible, the actors are beautiful to look at, particularly the luminous Keri Russell and Jonathon Rhys Meyers, and the scenery is striking. I have loved Freddie Highmore since seeing him in Finding Neverland, he is very talented and I hope he does not become one of those tragic E True Hollywood stories. I also got a kick out of seeing Amanda from Ugly Betty in a short role.  I don’t think this movie will be nominated for any awards (Oscar definitely not, maybe Golden Globes) but I enjoyed the film anyway.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 2: OMG, It’s Carrie Bradshaw

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This installment of Project Runway promised an exciting, surprising guest judge and I have to say it delivered.

Challenge: Make a 2 piece outfit for Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line. Most pieces of clothing at Bitten sell for $20.00 or below. Getting back to the challenge, each team (7 teams, 2 designers to a team) has to create this outfit using $15.00 worth of fabric.

Each designer shows SJP his/her sketch and SJP chooses 7 sketches she likes: Kit, Ricky, Rami, Victorya, Marion, Christian, and Eliza. The teams are Kit/Chris, Ricky/Jack, Rami/Jillian, Victorya/Kevin, Marion/Steven, Christian/Carmen, and Eliza/Sweet P. Some teams struggle more than others (Marion/Steven, Eliza/Sweet P) but the results are surprising.

The top 2 outfits: Victorya/Kevin and Eliza/Sweet P

Bottom 2 outfits: Marion/Steven and Christian/Carmen.

Winner: Victorya

Loser: Marion

So, I forced my dad and Real Genius to watch Project Runway with me; I was sick of the constant barrage of football on the TV and decided to expose the men of my family to the world of fashion. I think they got a kick out of it. We were all laughing at almost every word and action of Chris March, I hope he makes it to Bryant Park although I don’t think he will. The judges will probably cut him off close to the end, like what they did with Kayne. They will also give a similar reason, something to do with bad taste.

Of course, the most apt comment about marion’s dress came from Real Genius, the minute we first saw that garment, Real Genius said “That looks like something from Lord of the Rings”; I was thinking “Potato Sack Couture: Coming to a Shopping Mall Near You”; either description was a very nice way of saying the dress was ugly.

Again, I agreed with the judges on their choice of winner and who gets auf’ed. Victorya’s dress fit right in with the Bitten clothing line; I was pleasantly surprised that the partnership of Eliza and Sweet P was successful. The first 2 episodes have given me enough of an idea of who I think will make the top 3 or 4 designers:

Rami, Victorya, Christian, Sweet P or Chris March 

Heroes Season 2 Chapter 9: It’s A Family Affair

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The latest installment of Heroes is all about family, mainly the Nakamura and Bennett families. I think that every episode keeps getting better, the difference in quality between the 1st and 2nd half of the season is immense. Without further ado:

Parkman and Mama Petrelli meet again: Parkman and Molly are back to normal; Matt does not know the identities of everyone in “the picture”, Molly wants to help him and Parkman is not having that. When she goes to the computer, Parkman tells Molly to finish her cereal without verbalizing it and she obeys. He uses the same power to great effect in the precinct when his supervisor goes from telling him to leave the petrelli case alone to giving him 24 hours to interview mama petrelli. He interviews her and she tells him that Adam Monroe killed Nakamura senior. He asks her who the mystery woman in the picture is, she refuses to tell him at first, and begs him to leave things alone. We see at the end of the episode that the mystery woman has a name, Victoria Pratt.

The Nakamura saga: Hiro goes back in time and tries to save his father. Kaito Nakamura does not want any part of it, Hiro takes his dad back in time to a funeral, his mother’s funeral, to show Kaito that he would be devastated if he were to die. He sees little Hiro and realizes that he cannot change destiny. They go back in time, and Hiro sees his fathers death. He stops time and is stunned to realize that Kensei/Adam is the killer.

The Bennett family: HRG wants his family to pack and get out of town, Claire is all like “I”m not going, I hate you” blah blah blah, and runs off to school. She tries to talk to West and he does not trust her and flies off. Bob, Suresh, and Elle are trailing the Bennetts. Suresh tells HRG over the phone that West is on the corner of Verdana and Palm, too bad HRG is with West. Bob goes to Claire’s school under the guise that he is investigating the debbie incident. He captures Claire when she comes home from school and ties up her mother. HRG comes back and finds Claire’s mom, he fills her in and West, who now is working with HRG, has Elle. HRG decides that he will trade Claire for Elle, daughter for daughter. Bob takes some blood from Claire.  HRG tells Elle that Bob, her dad, ran some tests on her when she was a kid and basically used her.

HRG, Elle, West, Bob, and Claire are at the beach and the tradeoff begins. West flies off with Claire and Elle zaps them. HRG shoots Elle and is about to shoot Bob when Suresh shoots HRG through the eye, just like in the painting. West flies Claire back home and she tells her mom that HRG is dead.

The last scene shows someone lying down on a gurney getting a blood transfusion, turns out it’s HRG and he comes back to life.

So, I thought this was the best episode of the season to date; I know I say this for every episode lately but I do think this was the first episode this season that can be compared to Company Man. We got even more insight into Elle, Kristen Bell’s acting does impress me, especially the scene where she turns away from Bob when they’re driving away with Suresh at the end of the episode.

I did think that HRG was going to die, am relieved that he is still living. He is one of the best characters in this show and really ties everything together. Even though I may lose a bet with Bill over this (I thought HRG was going to die, he thinks Nathan will die), I am okay with that.

I also like the direction they’re going with Parkman’s character, showing the dark ways he can use his power adds dimension to him. He’s not the goody goody cop anymore. During his confrontation with Angela, it was the whole ‘do the ends justify the means’ questions that was going through my head and that made that plot captivating.

The scenes between Hiro and his dad were so touching, I loved when Hiro’s dad said “Even though we have the power of gods, we cannot play G-d”. Hiro’s eulogy at the end nearly brought me to tears. Yes, this is not the first time I’ve almost cried during that show. Only 2 more episodes left, g-ddamn writers strike!!

Happy Turkey Day (Gobble, Gobble)

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Before I head out of the office early, I just wanted to wish all my readers a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. Plans are to catch “the headless parade” with Bill tonight on the west side. That is Bill’s funny way of describing what happens the night before the Macy’s parade; all the floats are on the upper west side and are being prepped there before they are taken to midtown. I will be with Bill’s family for the Thanksgiving meal, then we are going to rent “Die Hard with a Vengenace” or at least Bill thinks we are, jk : )

I’ll be seeing my family (and hopefully a few friends) over the weekend, it’s been almost a month since I’ve seen my parents and almost 3 months since I’ve seen Real Genius. He is probably on his way home now as I’m typing this. Hope he got a seat on the train, 4-5 hours is a long time to be standing on the train.

Future Posts: continued recaps of Heroes and Project Runway, a “Learning with Maya” series where I talk about all the cool lectures I go to, this is just scratching the surface 🙂

I hear the writers and producers will resume talks on the Monday after Turkey Day, let’s hope they reach a resolution so we won’t be stuck with a season full of reruns and dredges of reality TV.

Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

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The New York Times has an interesting article on the role of denial in relationships. If you want to look at the whole article, go here.

 There is a concept in Judaism known as shalom bayis. When used in a healthy way, denial is an essential tool needed in keeping peace in the home. It not only applies to relationships between husband and wife but is essential in frienships, relationships between employers and employees, coworkers, and last but not least family. If we held on to every bad thing ever said and/or have done to us by the people closest to us, relationships would not last very long, that’s for sure.  I might have more to say on this later.

ETA: Regarding the title, if you’re a big fan of Saturday Night Live, then you know who I’m referring to .

Things I Always Wanted to Know

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Today, Neil Diamond revealed the inspiration behind “Sweet Caroline”, one of his biggest hits. It’s very refreshing to hear such an innocent story behind a song, this stands out amidst all the booty shaking songs that are so popular today.

Haveil Havalim #141

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If you have a chance, take a peek at the Save Israel edition of Haveil Havalim here.

Another Rainy Monday

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Yep, here I am in the office blogging when I should be working. The weekend was a nice one; friday night Bill and I had dinner with his family. His youngest sister passed the bar exam : )

Saturday night, Bill and I went out for sushi; more accurately he had sushi and I had avocado & cucumber rolls. We spent the rest of the evening at a bar in my neighborhood, there was a triple birthday party going on. It felt like I was dropped off at a frat party. The floors were sticky, the place was crowded, people went up on the bar and sang badly, beer pong was played in the back.

Sunday, I did absolutely nothing. Other than going out to Starbucks for coffee with a friend and brunch with Bill, there was not much going on. I rented Dreamgirls, enjoyed that film immensely. Even though it was 2 hours long, it sure didn’t feel like it.

One more great piece of news: Bill is an uncle : ) His sister gave birth yesterday; mom and babies (yes, she had twins) are resting.

That’s all for now. Maybe I should try this thing called working.

ETA: Bill has two younger sisters

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