Heroes Season 2 Chapter 7

November 8, 2007 at 1:56 am | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

OK, you know the drill. If you have not seen this episode, then please don’t read this recap.

Big in Japan: The action goes back to White Beard’s camp, Yaeko begs Hiro to save them with his power; he teleports himself and Yaeko back to the cherry blossoms and he tells her to wait for him. He goes back to the camp and tries to set fire to the weapon storehouse and Kensei comes back. There’s a cool little swordfight, Hiro escapes but not without Kensei telling him that he will make life miserable for Hiro. The storehouse is on fire and we think it is the last we’ve seen of Kensei, more on that later….Hiro goes back to the princess, tells her he has to go back to his time, and the princess says that the tales of Kensei will live on so that a boy named Hiro Nakamura can sleep at night. Hiro goes back to present day Japan and is happy to see Ando. Unfortunately, Ando has to tell Hiro his dad was murdered.

Casa de Butler: West comes over for breakfast and meets with Claire’s mom. Claire is not happy with that and tries to tell West that her dad is the guy in the horn rimmed glasses that kidnapped him as a child but her dad comes home before she has the chance to tell him. West runs off and HRG finds out about the stunt that was pulled on the drunk cheerleader last week. HRG tells his family that they have to move and Claire is not having that.

Battle with The Nightmare Man: Molly is still in a coma; Parkman and Nathan come back from their dealings with the Nightmare Man and tell Bob that he is next on the killers list. Bob tells Nathan some of the backstory with Adam and reveals that Peter is alive. Nicki sees DL and he tortures her; No, DL is not alive. It is the Nightmare Man’s work; Nicki punches Suresh and goes into the office where Bob and Nathan are hiding; she goes to stab the needle with the virus into Bob but stabs herself with the needle at the last minute, due to Nathan’s talk. Matt communicates with Molly telepathically and somehow he reaches Molly and the Nightmare Man. They are in Parkman’s home the day his dad left the family; Parkman escapes with Molly and locks the Nightmare Man away. Suresh injects Nicki with the antibody only to find out that the virus has mutated and that Nicki is not cured; she will die unless Suresh finds Claire, which happens to be his next assignment. It seems that Suresh has switched sides, he is now working with the Company.

Disaster in New York June 2008: Peter and Caitlin are taken to some decontamination unit (?). They are separated and Peter is questioned by a cop. He finds out that the Shanti virus has gotten out of control and has killed a huge chunk of the world’s population (93%?). The cop also tells Peter that he originally died, there was a death certificate for him. Angela (his mom) is there and tells Peter to remember everything, he remembers his mother. Caitlin is deported to Ireland and Peter finds himself back in Montreal and reunites with the mysterious Adam, who looks just like Kensei.

I loved this episode; we are starting to get some answers and also some more questions. The previews for next week look even better, Heroes is most definitely Must See TV.


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