Addicted to Heroes: Season 2 Chapter 8

November 14, 2007 at 5:57 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

There are so many ways to describe how awesome this installment of Heroes was, this episode rocked!! We got alot of our questions answered and are anxious to find out what happens next.

The episode starts with Peter and Adam in Montreal, Peter still doesn’t remember most of the events of the past 4 months so the story flashes back to 4 months earlier:

The Petrelli clan: Peter rescues Nathan right after the explosion, Nathan is badly burned. While Peter is going to visit his brother in the hospital, Elle and Bob capture him and Peter is in the hands of The Company. Over the past couple months, he is held captive there and meets Adam, another prisoner of The Company. He is also given drugs by Elle under the guise that these drugs are a cure. Peter pretends to like Elle in order to get more of the drugs. Adam lets Peter know that the drugs are not a cure.

Nathan’s mom tells Heidi, Nathan’s wife, that there are mental problems in the Petrelli family and that she trusts Heidi to keep this a secret. It seems that Mama Petrelli has an ability to control minds and read minds.

Adam and Peter escape and go into Nathan’s hospital room and Adam injects his own blood into Nathan and Nathan is all healed from his burns. However, while escaping, Adam and Peter are chased by Elle and the Haitian. Adam escapes to Montreal and Peter is captured by the Haitian and tied to a warehouse box. Instead of killing Peter, the Haitian erases his memory in the hopes that Peter will go to Ireland and lead a new life. We saw how that went.

Before I forget, we learn a little more about Elle; she set her grandmother’s house on fire and was put in a psychiatric hospital at 9 years old, obviously not a normal childhood…

Nicki, Micah, and DL: DL survived the bullet wound and they head back to Vegas. Bob pays the hospital bills and asks Nicki to work for The Company. Nicki declines saying she wants to spend more time with her family. Bob gives Nicki some pills to stave off her multiple personalities and she takes these pills, for about a month or so. She does not like the side effects, such as being depressed at Micah’s birthday party, and decides not to take the pills. Another personality comes out, Gina, and takes over Nicki. Nicki/Gina leaves for LA and DL finds her at a club and punches out the guy who’s dancing with her. DL and Nicki leave the club and the jealous man confronts them and shoots DL, now we know how DL died. Nicki decides to go work for The Company.

I don’t think I missed anything with this recap; was disappointed in how DL died, thought he deserved a better ending than that. Personally, I wish his character wasn’t killed at all. I enjoyed seeing what happened with the Petrelli family, things make so much more sense now. I enjoy seeing David Anders in the present time rather than in 17th century Japan, he is a great addition to the show. Oh, I forgot one thing:

Maya and Alejandro: We see why Maya and Alejandro are on the run, Maya killed a bunch of people at a wedding, her brother’s wedding to be exact. She caught her sister-in-law and the s.i.l.’s ex in the act and was so upset that she killed everyone. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I really hope these twins are killed, I don’t care who kills them. I’m also a bit annoyed with the progression of Sylar, I loved his character last season but it seems like there’s no point to him this season. It’s like “I have no powers, I’m pissed off and want my powers back”, so what! He is much better with powers so give him his damn powers back so he can kill people, starting with the twins.


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