Project Runway Season 4 Episode 1

November 16, 2007 at 3:11 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

Welcome back, Project Runway; you have been sorely missed. In your absence, I have had to watch other less satisfying reality shows such as Charm School and Rock of Love. I have even watched A Shot At Love (hangs my head in shame).

We start off with the obligatory footage of the designers moving into their new apartments. In an episode like this, it is impossible to remember all the designers names so I make up new names for them;  Rami is “My new TV boyfriend”; Elisa is “Lupe-y”, Jack is “Mr. Beefcake”, more nicknames forthcoming.

All the designers meet Tim and Heidi in Bryant Park and are told their first task:  make a garment that reflects who you are as a designer. The designers race across the park and go to one of three tents laid out on the lawn. They have 10 minutes to pick up some luxorious fabric from Mood. Great challenge for anyone who is overweight or anyone with asthma….speaking of people that are overweight, Chris is the last designer to get to the tents but he still gets the materials that he wants. Eliza decides that it would be a great idea to get some grass stains on the fabric.

In the design room, Simone is having trouble with her garment and is told she has alot of work to do. Eliza takes a nap while the other designers are working but later on, she is concerned about the material on the back of her dress (with good reason). Most of the other designers are pretty chill, despite the time crunch.

We get to the runway show, the special guest judge is Monique Lhullier. Other than Eliza’s model tripping on the back of the garment, the show was pretty uneventful. The top 3 designers are: my new TV boyfriend, Christian, and Victorya. The bottom 3 designers are: Ricky, Simone, and Elisa.

The winner was Rami and he gets immunity for the next challenge. Simone was the first designer eliminated. I agree with the judges’ choices for winner and loser, this will be one of the few times when I will agree with them. I have a feeling that I will be disagreeing with them in later episodes. I do disagree with two of the choices in the top 3 and one of the choices in the bottom three.

I would have had Chris and Jack join Rami in the top 3. Christian’s design was cool but I think his fabric choices sucked. Victorya’s dress was lame, I don’t understand why the judges went so crazy over the stupid flower. On the other hand, Chris designed an awesome dress, the fabric choice was great, the fit was on point. I like how Jack used the turquoise material with the black and white fabric, the dress was cute, flirty, and fun. 

Ricki’s dress was basic but it was well made, I would have put this dress in the bottom 3 instead. The top of the dress did not fit with the rest of the dress, it looked like the designer decided to jazz up a basic dress at the last minute. Maybe Kit Pistol was inspired by this dress worn at the Academy Awards last year. Whatever her inspiration was, I wasn’t impressed with this design but I think Kit Pistol has it in her to make some very cool garments.


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