Heroes Season 2 Chapter 9: It’s A Family Affair

November 26, 2007 at 3:01 pm | Posted in TV shows | 1 Comment

The latest installment of Heroes is all about family, mainly the Nakamura and Bennett families. I think that every episode keeps getting better, the difference in quality between the 1st and 2nd half of the season is immense. Without further ado:

Parkman and Mama Petrelli meet again: Parkman and Molly are back to normal; Matt does not know the identities of everyone in “the picture”, Molly wants to help him and Parkman is not having that. When she goes to the computer, Parkman tells Molly to finish her cereal without verbalizing it and she obeys. He uses the same power to great effect in the precinct when his supervisor goes from telling him to leave the petrelli case alone to giving him 24 hours to interview mama petrelli. He interviews her and she tells him that Adam Monroe killed Nakamura senior. He asks her who the mystery woman in the picture is, she refuses to tell him at first, and begs him to leave things alone. We see at the end of the episode that the mystery woman has a name, Victoria Pratt.

The Nakamura saga: Hiro goes back in time and tries to save his father. Kaito Nakamura does not want any part of it, Hiro takes his dad back in time to a funeral, his mother’s funeral, to show Kaito that he would be devastated if he were to die. He sees little Hiro and realizes that he cannot change destiny. They go back in time, and Hiro sees his fathers death. He stops time and is stunned to realize that Kensei/Adam is the killer.

The Bennett family: HRG wants his family to pack and get out of town, Claire is all like “I”m not going, I hate you” blah blah blah, and runs off to school. She tries to talk to West and he does not trust her and flies off. Bob, Suresh, and Elle are trailing the Bennetts. Suresh tells HRG over the phone that West is on the corner of Verdana and Palm, too bad HRG is with West. Bob goes to Claire’s school under the guise that he is investigating the debbie incident. He captures Claire when she comes home from school and ties up her mother. HRG comes back and finds Claire’s mom, he fills her in and West, who now is working with HRG, has Elle. HRG decides that he will trade Claire for Elle, daughter for daughter. Bob takes some blood from Claire.  HRG tells Elle that Bob, her dad, ran some tests on her when she was a kid and basically used her.

HRG, Elle, West, Bob, and Claire are at the beach and the tradeoff begins. West flies off with Claire and Elle zaps them. HRG shoots Elle and is about to shoot Bob when Suresh shoots HRG through the eye, just like in the painting. West flies Claire back home and she tells her mom that HRG is dead.

The last scene shows someone lying down on a gurney getting a blood transfusion, turns out it’s HRG and he comes back to life.

So, I thought this was the best episode of the season to date; I know I say this for every episode lately but I do think this was the first episode this season that can be compared to Company Man. We got even more insight into Elle, Kristen Bell’s acting does impress me, especially the scene where she turns away from Bob when they’re driving away with Suresh at the end of the episode.

I did think that HRG was going to die, am relieved that he is still living. He is one of the best characters in this show and really ties everything together. Even though I may lose a bet with Bill over this (I thought HRG was going to die, he thinks Nathan will die), I am okay with that.

I also like the direction they’re going with Parkman’s character, showing the dark ways he can use his power adds dimension to him. He’s not the goody goody cop anymore. During his confrontation with Angela, it was the whole ‘do the ends justify the means’ questions that was going through my head and that made that plot captivating.

The scenes between Hiro and his dad were so touching, I loved when Hiro’s dad said “Even though we have the power of gods, we cannot play G-d”. Hiro’s eulogy at the end nearly brought me to tears. Yes, this is not the first time I’ve almost cried during that show. Only 2 more episodes left, g-ddamn writers strike!!


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  1. Yes, I enjoyed this episode as well. It seems that during the past three episodes the Season 2 storylines are starting to go somewhere.

    I wonder what power(s) Hiro’s father had?

    Time travel would allow Hiro to visit his father in the past to get advice. I wonder if they’ve thought of doing that?

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