Project Runway Season 4 Episode 2: OMG, It’s Carrie Bradshaw

November 26, 2007 at 3:35 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

This installment of Project Runway promised an exciting, surprising guest judge and I have to say it delivered.

Challenge: Make a 2 piece outfit for Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line. Most pieces of clothing at Bitten sell for $20.00 or below. Getting back to the challenge, each team (7 teams, 2 designers to a team) has to create this outfit using $15.00 worth of fabric.

Each designer shows SJP his/her sketch and SJP chooses 7 sketches she likes: Kit, Ricky, Rami, Victorya, Marion, Christian, and Eliza. The teams are Kit/Chris, Ricky/Jack, Rami/Jillian, Victorya/Kevin, Marion/Steven, Christian/Carmen, and Eliza/Sweet P. Some teams struggle more than others (Marion/Steven, Eliza/Sweet P) but the results are surprising.

The top 2 outfits: Victorya/Kevin and Eliza/Sweet P

Bottom 2 outfits: Marion/Steven and Christian/Carmen.

Winner: Victorya

Loser: Marion

So, I forced my dad and Real Genius to watch Project Runway with me; I was sick of the constant barrage of football on the TV and decided to expose the men of my family to the world of fashion. I think they got a kick out of it. We were all laughing at almost every word and action of Chris March, I hope he makes it to Bryant Park although I don’t think he will. The judges will probably cut him off close to the end, like what they did with Kayne. They will also give a similar reason, something to do with bad taste.

Of course, the most apt comment about marion’s dress came from Real Genius, the minute we first saw that garment, Real Genius said “That looks like something from Lord of the Rings”; I was thinking “Potato Sack Couture: Coming to a Shopping Mall Near You”; either description was a very nice way of saying the dress was ugly.

Again, I agreed with the judges on their choice of winner and who gets auf’ed. Victorya’s dress fit right in with the Bitten clothing line; I was pleasantly surprised that the partnership of Eliza and Sweet P was successful. The first 2 episodes have given me enough of an idea of who I think will make the top 3 or 4 designers:

Rami, Victorya, Christian, Sweet P or Chris March 


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