Heroes Season 2 Chapter 10

November 29, 2007 at 3:54 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

After the awesome-ness of last week, I felt that this installment, while alot better than the first few episodes, took a little step back. Again, we are left in the same position of “1 episode left, time to cram a whole bunch of storyline resolutions in 42 minutes or less”.

The Hunt For Victoria Pratt: Adam and Peter find Victoria Pratt in a cabin somewhere in Maine .Victoria holds a gun on Peter and directs him to go inside. She explains to Peter about the Shanti virus, specifically the 138 strain and how destructive it can be if let out. Peter asks Victoria where the virus is and she says it’s in New Mexico. Peter tells Adam what she said and Victoria comes out and shoots Adam. Peter hits her from behind and they take her back in the house and tie her up. Long story short, Victoria somehow ends up dead and Adam and Peter are on their way to Odessa, Texas to the Primatech paper facility aka as hiding place for world’s deadliest virus. Peter wants to destory the virus but unbeknownst to him, Adam wants to unleash the virus and destroy the world.

New Orleans: Nicki comes back to New Orleans and tells Micah she is sick. Micah’s backpack is stolen by his cousin who wants to sell his comic books. DL’s medal is also in the backpack and Micah is upset. Monica decides that she will break into the house where the backpack is and take it. Problem is, the men who own the house come back right as she is about to leave and she is caught. Micah is waiting outside and he runs off. Nicki gets some good news from Suresh, there is a cure for her and she rushes to tell Micah, who is nowhere to be found.

Sylar, Maya, and Alejandro: The threesome wind up in Virginia; Maya and Sylar are sharing a romantic picnic; Alejandro surfs the web and finds a clipping related to the murder of Sylar’s mom. Sylar upsets Maya, and she is able to control her power for the first time. She rushes in to tell Alejandro and he shows her the clipping. Maya is able to feel sympathy for Sylar and Alejandro runs off. Later in the hotel room, Alejandro confronts Sylar and ends up getting killed for his efforts. Maya knocks on the door and doesn’t see her dead brother in the room.

California dreaming: Elle is told to keep an eye on Claire by Bob; HRG is still being kept in a mysterious room by Suresh. Bob hands Sandra the ashes of HRG while being held at gunpoint, who knew Mrs. Bennett could hold a gun so convincingly? The Benett family and West go to the beach before leaving for Salt Lake City and throw HRG’s ashes into the water. Claire spots Elle and they have an intense confrontation. Claire threatens to go public with her abilities unless she is left alone. Suresh gets a call from Sylar, he and Maya are with Molly and demand to see Suresh right away.

Back in Japan, Hiro and Ando are trying to figure out who Adam Monroe is. They find a letter dated to 1977 about Adam Monroe; Hiro travels back in time to the company offices in Valhalla, NY in 1977 and learns that his dad imprisoned Adam because of the virus. Victoria implores Kaito to hide the virus and destory all forms of the virus. Hiro travels in time again to Odessa Texas and finds Peter Petrelli with Adam. He goes to kill Adam with the Kensei sword and that’s where the episode stops.


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