Project Runway Season 4 Episode 3: Panic on the Parsons set

December 3, 2007 at 3:43 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

This installment of Project Runway was the most entertaining episode yet. Previews indicated that the designers would have a very difficult task. Did they have to design a garment blindfolded? with one hand tied behind their backs? blindfolded and one hand tied behind their backs?

The designers are told by Heidi Klum to meet Tim Gunn at 10 Rockefeller Plaza and that they do not need their models for this challenge. When the designers get to their destination, Tim introduces them to Tiki Barber, who used to play football for the New York Giants and is now a correspondent on the Today show. The challenge is to design a menswear outfit for Tiki Barber to be worn on the Today show. What makes this particular task so challenging? Well, only1 of the 13 designers competing have any experience designing menswear. That designer is Kevin. Let’s see how he does later.

There is much panic in the workroom; you have your cool, calm, and collected people like Kit, Rami, and Jack; then you have your designers running like chickens without their heads like Carmen, Ricky, and Sweet P. There is also major cattiness between Carmen and Ricky.

Judges: the holy trinity of Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors, special guest judge: Tiki Barber

Top 3 designs: Jack, Kit, Kevin

Bottom 3 designers: Sweet P, Carmen, Ricky

Winner: Jack

Loser: Carmen

I think Kit should have won the challenge. Her outfit was impeccable; choice of fabrics and colors was top notch, and the fit was perfect.  I wish they would have kicked Ricky off as well.

Here’s some new features for you

Favorite Quotes and Funny Moments

1. Jack dragging Christian into the design room 2x; first Jack carried Christian in a gym bag, second time Jack gave Christian a piggy back ride. Who needs the gym when you can lift Christian around everyday?

2. At Mood, Chris March asking Tim if Tiki Barber likes hot pants

3. Eliza acting all bashful and shy around her male model. Somehow that made her more endearing; I will change the channel if they show her doing downward dog again though.

4. When Tiki Barber’s wife came in to the workroom, I initially thought ‘Why is Kimora Lee Simmons on this show?”

5. Tiki Barber telling the designers about his body, specifically his butt. He sounded like such a girl.

6. Steven showing some personality: “what’s football? oh yeah, it’s the sport where it is acceptable to wear Spandex”; ever watch the Tour De France? Talk about a spandex parade; “It’s almost midnight and I’m wearing a pimp hat” said to Jillian the first night of the challenge; “The workroom reminded me of the Titanic, what was on the Titanic right before it sunk? Panic…”

Comments on the outfits:

1. Kevin: leave it to the straight guy to design the gayest menswear outfit possible.

2. Kit: how is it possible that a punk rock girl made an outfit that looks like it came out of the Ralph Lauren catalog?

3. Chris March: When I saw that all black outfit, the first thing I saw in my head was the Sprockets skit on SNL, back when the show used to be good.


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