Heroes Season 2 Chapter 11: End of Volume 2 Generations

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We start off with Mohinder coming home to find Sylar and Maya hanging out in his kitchen with Molly asleep in her room. Sylar tells Suresh to take him to the lab and inject him with the cure so he can get his powers back. With all the fighting going on, Maya gets a case of the weepies and Molly comes out. Sylar, Maya, Mohinder and Molly go to the company lab.

Elle and Bob are keeping HRG in the lab. Bob is pissed at Elle and takes her off field duty because of how she handled the Claire situation. Elle asks HRG how she was tested. HRG does not want to talk, Elle shows off her power and HRG is like “So what?”. Elle asks again nicely and HRG tells her that she was 7 years old when she was tortured, oops I mean tested. Bob interupts this chat and tells HRG that there are problems with Claire. He makes a deal with HRG, which I will discuss later. Elle goes into Bob’s office and tries to locate her files, she doesn’t find them but notices on the computer that Sylar is in the facility.

Meanwhile, Adam and Peter are in the Primatech facilities and Hiro suddenly appears. He tries to kill Adam but Peter stops him. Adam and Peter go to the basement and knock out the security guards. Back in New York, Nathan and Parkman talk with Mama Petrelli. Before they leave, Mama Petrelli tells parkman that they should kill Peter if he gets in the way of stopping the virus. Parkman and Nathan get to Odessa, I’ll let you figure out how they get there.

Back in California, Claire and family are packing. Claire finds some old files of her dads which she plans on using to expose the company. West shows up and asks her not to go through with her plan, he likes the fact that he has a secret and Claire does too. He doesn’t want to be exposed in public. Claire refuses to listen to him, West leaves; shortly after that, HRG shows u. He tells his family that he made a deal with Bob, his family lives a normal life as long as HRG works for the company. What is his first assignment?

Back in the company lab, Suresh is taking Sylar’s blood while Maya asks Molly to locate her brother. Molly says ‘he’s nowhere’, Maya flips out at Sylar, he shoots her. Sylar demands that Suresh inject Maya with the cure; Maya comes back to life and Elle comes out and tries to zap Sylar into oblivion. Sylar escapes but Mohinder, Maya, and Molly are all grateful to Elle and tell her that if she didn’t come in when she did, they’d all be dead.

Back in Odessa, Hiro and Peter fight in the basement of primatech while Adam is in the vault trying to find the A138 strain. Parkman comes in and he has a battle of the minds with Peter. Nathan comes in and tells Peter that Adam is a liar and that he used Peter. Meanwhile, Adam and Hiro are in the vault and they have some words. Basically, Adam thinks that it is okay to destroy the world, he uses Noah and the flood as justification for his beliefs and Hiro says to Adam it is not up to him to play G-d. They disappear, Adam drops the virus and Peter manages to pick up the test tube with the virus in it seconds before it touches the ground. Peter incinerates the virus with his hands.

Meanwhile, Hiro is back in Japan and Ando asks what happened. Hiro buries Adam alive in the same cemetery where his father is buried. That is poetic justice for you.

Parkman and Nathan decide to hold a press conference in front of Primatech and expose the company for what they really are. Unknown to them, they are being watched. Nathan speaks at the conference and just as he is about to get to the good stuff, he gets shot 2x in the chest and things are not looking real good for him. Parkman sees someone walk off, speculation is that this was HRG’s first assignment back as a member of the company.

We get a glimpse into Volume 3 Villians and Sylar injects himself with the cure and is able to use telekinesis to grab a can of spinach. Sylar is back, why does that not excite me anymore?

Oh, I knew I forgot something. Micah and Nicki try to rescue Monica; Monica is in some old building and the gangster dude sets the building on fire with Monica in it. Nicki rescues Monica from the burning building but is trapped in the building and the building explodes.

Things I Loved:

Adam and Peter walking in the basement of Primatech using their powers to kill the security guards.

Parkman and Peter’s battle of the minds, Parkman’s face while mind-reading is almost as funny as the face Hiro makes right before he travels time.

All the scenes between Nathan and Peter

Nathan’s speech at the press conference and the montage of the season, hit all the right emotional points

Elle doing the right thing and rescuing Mohinder, Maya, and Molly. Her character has proven to be very interesting.

HRG being back with the company, I know some people think it’s the same storyline re-visited but I will withhold judgment. I think HRG has some new tricks up his sleeve.

Things I Disliked

the new orleans storyline was so-so

Maya really should have been killed off too

Mohinder really gets on my nerves; he is such a flip-flopper. I wish he was killed off instead of Nicki or Nathan. 

The thing with Heroes is that you don’t know if someone really dies. Yes, things look bad for Nathan and even worse for Nicki but I have a feeling that one of them will be alive by the time the new volume airs. It will also be interesting to see how Adam gets out of his predicament, if he watched Kill Bill 2 then I predict he will be back to torture Hiro.

Now, what show will I recap? 24 has been delayed because of the writers strike, I don’t want to recap another reality show, one is enough. Any suggestions?


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