The Mist

December 10, 2007 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Movies | Leave a comment


On Saturday night, Bill and I saw a late night showing of The Mist. I was expecting a scary film but the messages and implications of the movie left a deeper impression on me than any of the locusts and tentacles ever did.

The character that scared me the most was Mrs. Carmody, played by Marcia Gay Harden. In the beginning of the crisis, she was a crazy lady spouting out Bible verses, not one to be paid attention to. But as the crisis progressed, her views started gaining attention and she attracted all but a handful of the people in the grocery store. The things she got them to do within a day or two was frightful, they beat up and stabbed one of the military guys when they found out about the Arrowhead project and his involvement in that, even though it was minimal; they were going to hurt Mr. Drayton’s boy and Amanda before Ollie, the store manager, shot her. I was thinking about the Milgram experiments and how people blindly follow the herd, even though what they’re doing is the wrong thing. It was complete anarchy in the store and Mrs. Carmody appeared to be a leader, even though she was absolutely nuts.

There were a handful of people that were able to keep their cool; Mr. Drayton, his little boy, Amanda, Irene, Ollie, and an older gentleman whose name I can’t recall. They managed to escape from the grocery store and drive south. All they saw around them was the mist and not a sign of human life. Mr. Drayton realizes that there are only 4 bullets and with the silent approval of everyone in the car, he kills them all. A few minutes later, Mr. Drayton sees army tanks full of people and is heartbroken to realize that if he waited a few minutes longer, they all would have been saved.

The ending was absolutely heartbreaking; I am familiar with Stephen King’s work and understand that there are no happy endings in his novels. Intellectually I understood that the ending was the right one for this kind of movie but I was very upset anyway. If you are squeamish at the sight of blood or extreme violence, do not see this movie. After this emotional roller coaster of a movie, I’m seeing a comedy next time.


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