Project Runway Season 4 Episode 4: Lighten Up, It’s Just Fashion

December 12, 2007 at 9:14 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

The challenge was for the designers to work with outdated fashion trends and make them current and relevant. Each designer had to choose a bad fashion trend. One more thing, they also had to work in teams of 3. The first name I put down for each team is the captain.

Christian, Kit, Jack: pleather, zoot suit, fringe

Jillian, Rami, Kevin: overalls, poodle skirt, 70s flare

Ricky, Victorya, Eliza: neon, underwear as outerwear, cutouts

Chris, Sweet P, Steven: shoulder pads, baggy sweater, dancewear

Some workroom drama included Jillian worrying over whether Kevin would finish making a pair of shorts, Ricky and Victorya’s total lack of communication, and Steven’s doubts about Chris March’s outfit, specifically the jacket.

Donna Karan joined the holy trinity as the guest judge this week.

Jillian won the challenge. You can see the winning designs here: Jillian, Rami, Kevin

Christian’s team did very well. You can see his team’s designs here: Christian, Kit, Jack

The bottom two teams were:

Ricky, Victorya, Elisa and Chris, Sweet P, and Steven.

Ricky and Chris were the bottom two, Chris was auf’ed.

I agreed with the judges choice for winner, but I could not be more unhappy with their decision to keep Ricky on. He reminds me of Ann from America’s Next Top Model Season 3. It seemed like Ann was in the bottom 2 like every other week and she stayed until the final 4. I  hope Ricky will leave before that point. Maybe he is a talented designer but so far, he is known more for being very emotional rather than for his designs.

Favorite Moments:

Christian calling his team “Team Star”

Steven doing a Tim Gunn imitation, not as good as Santino’s but his fellow designers seemed to like it


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