Project Runway Season 4 Episode 5: Jack Gets a Boo-Boo

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We start off in the apartments, Sweet P is sad that Chris is out of the competition. Meanwhile,  Jack talks to Kevin about his boo-boo. I know that when Big Peanut gets a boo-boo, his mommy gives him either ‘kiss medicine’, ‘juice medicine’, or ‘ice medicine’. Jack was icing his face; initially he thought it was only a zit but his face is swelling up. Did the ice medicine help? We shall see….

Heidi starts to introduce the next challenge to the designer and we see a figure standing behind the screen. Sweet P is not sure what that means, she opines that the figure could be a drag queen or a transvestite. A woman walks onto the runway in a wedding dress several sizes too big for her and she is followed by 10 other women in clothing way too big for them. All of these women have lost alot of weight, ranging from 50 lbs. to 160 lbs. each.

The challenge is for the designers to make an outfit for each of these women that uses their old outfits as raw material and that can be used in their everyday lives. The outfits also need to reflect the designers’ point of view. Heidi randomly pairs up the designers with each of the women and Steve gets the woman in the wedding dress. The “Oh s*it” look on his face was priceless.

The designers start sketching and they meet with their ‘models’. We learn that Christian’s model does not wear dresses, skirts, and prints and wears black and jeans everyday. Steven’s model wishes him luck. Tim tells the designers that they have $10 to buy extra fabric at Mood. While at Mood, Jillian decides to discard her model’s original shirt and get her fabric in the exact same red color as the shirt. Her excuse is that there are too many darts and seaming in the original fabric. Steven decides to discard most of the wedding dress fabric and buys a bunch of black dress fabric. He will use part of the dress for the collar and the sleeves. Will these decisions backfire?

Back in the design room, Jack is in pain and talks with his doctor about the zit that is no longer a zit. Jack thinks he has a MRSA infection on his face. When Tim comes in, Jack asks to speak with him in private. Due to health reasons, Jack decides to leave the show. Christian and Kit, his teammates in the last challenge, are the first to hug him goodbye.

After Jack leaves, Tim Gunn tells the designers that someone else is coming back in the competition. Chris March, who was in my opinion unfairly kicked off last challenge, comes back into the competition. Chris gets to work through the night because he is getting a late start.

The 2nd day of the challenge is upon us and most of the designers are content with their work, except for Steven. He is in such bad shape that even Kevin and Victorya help him finish. Steve looks like he is walking the plank in one of those pirate movies.

Patrick Robinson, head designer at The Gap, is the guest judge. The top three designers are: Kevin, Christian, and Jillian. The bottom three designers are: Chris, Eliza, and Steven.

I was not happy that Jillian was in the top 3, she didn’t follow the rules of the challenge. What’s the point of rules when people will not be penalized for breaking them? Rami should have been in the top 3 instead. Christian was the right choice for winner, his outfit is something that would fit with his client’s everyday life and she was very happy with it. Steven’s defeatist attitude did him in. There was no reason why he couldn’t have made a bustier out of the top of the wedding dress and paired it with a nice A-line skirt.

The only issue I had with Ricky’s outfit was the fabric he chose for the top, if you’re going to wear a nude top, at least wear a camisole underneath. I’m not sure if it was his choice or his client’s choice to not wear a tank top underneath. I would have put Victorya’s outfit in the bottom 3 instead of Chris March’s, that outfit was boring and had no sense of fun whatsoever. I thought Kit and Sweet P did awesome jobs with the material they were given.

I enjoyed seeing Tim Gunn’s interactions with the designers this week, we learned that he makes very bad decisions at 3AM. Don’t we all? Ricky trying on his outfit was funny, he would not make a good drag queen. It was a little touching to see him tear up when he was talking about his model, it would have been even more touching if we did not see him crying in every episode prior to that moment.

Previews for the next episode are intriguing, it looks pretty similar to the challenge last season where they had to use recyclable materials. I do hope Chris March gets to stay awhile, and I wonder if Jack will be brought back on the show in some capacity. Remember last season when Vincent and Angela were brought back? I think something similar will happen, we’ll see if I’m right.


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