Project Runway Season 4 Episode 6: Yet Another Bullshit Aufing

January 9, 2008 at 4:23 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

When you watch a competitive reality TV show, you should know that the contestants you grow attached to will most likely not win and might be eliminated before other less worthy contestants. Project Runway is certainly not an exception to the rule. What immediately pops to mind are the unfair eliminations of Nick in Season 2 and Allyson in Season 3.  So far, there have been a few headscratchers this season (why the hell is Ricky still in this?) but before we get to the aufing….

We start off in the New Gotham apartments, poor Kevin is all by himself, looking like a boy band reject; then we have Rami, Ricky, Chris, and Christian discussing the latest elimination and Christian doesn’t seem too torn up about it, he’s like “dude made an ugly dress, get over it”. 

Heidi shows up for the obligatory handing of the models to the designers. Christian decides to switch his model, Lisa, for Lea. Lisa ends up with Ricky and Rami decides to dump Ashley for Samantha. Heidi tells the designers that they will be taking a field trip early the next day.

Tim goes to the apartments at 6AM, most of the designers are in their PJs and are embarassed to have their mentor see them first thing in the morning. Kit was sporting some major bedhead. Tim takes them to Times Square and they find themselves in the Hershey store. They have the whole store to themselves, and they are told they have 5 minutes to pick up whatever they can find in the store. Jillian’s loot is twice as big as she is and it is hillarious to watch her try to drag 2 big bags full of stuff out of the store.

The designers have the whole day ( 12 hours?) to make the outfit. At first, they’re having a great time but as the day draws closer panic starts to set in for some of the designers. Christian decides to use peanut butter cup wrapping for his dress but tosses hundreds of innocent peanut butter cups in the trash. Sweet P decides to trash her first design and start over. Kit picks up the Kit-Kats (of course) and uses them for the bustier top she’s designing. Jillian is freaking out because she just now realized that Twizzlers are very difficult material to work with.  Eliza is all like “I’m thinking of Hansel & Gretel, blah blah blah” and we hear her talk about getting hit by a car in London and being in a coma for 5 days. Hmm, why all the relevation? Could it be because…oh we’ll see later.

Tim comes in and critiques their outfits. He has reservations about Eliza, Sweet P, and Victorya’s outfits. The next day, the models come in and Jillian puts her model to work sewing Twizzlers on the top. Rami is worried that his outfit will fall apart. You would be too if most of your outfit was made of paper. Zac Posen is the guest judge. You may remember him from last season’s black and white challenge.

The top 3 designers are: Rami, Chris, Jillian

The bottom 3 designers are: Eliza, Sweet P, Victorya 

Winner: Rami

Eliza was auf’ed.  I could have done without the silver floatation devices on her arms and the shade of brown was morose but Sweet P’s and Victorya’s dresses were simply uninspired. Victorya must have been watching some Monty Python because her model’s walk would have been right at home in the Ministry of Silly Walks. It was like “Yes I know my dress kinda sucks but maybe if I have my model walk like a weirdo it will distract the judges”. I would have been okay with Sweet P going home instead of Eliza. I do think Eliza at least should have outlasted Ricky, he dodged a bullet with this one. That bubble skirt he made was heinous.

In the next episode, the designers are making prom dresses. Oh, this should be a good one!


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