The Deadest Months

February 1, 2008 at 8:46 pm | Posted in Random Stuff | 1 Comment

I remember reading recently that more people are vulnerable to depression in the winter months. You are faced with shorter and colder days, unless you live in Florida, California, and Hawaii or south of the equator and you don’t have to deal with cold weather. I am definitely not depressed but I am definitely more lazy, as shown by my lack of posts in the last month.

I have not been inspired to write, who wants to hear about my shopping spree at Target, or the latest antics of Big Peanut? How about my stressed Friday afternoons at work getting everything done before I leave for Shabbas? Yea, didn’t think so…

What I have been doing is watching more TV; when I was sick in December with the 24 hour bug, I watched a whole bunch of crappy TV. I started watching the latest offerings of the Oxygen network, particularly The Bad Girls Club and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. When America’s Next Top Model comes back on the air this month, there will be 3 shows about modeling on TV, about 3 shows too many in my opinion. Janice Dickinson is a beautiful woman, why she gets so much plastic surgery is beyond me. She has said bluntly that she was addicted to alcohol, somehow I think she replaced alcohol with plastic surgery as her drug of choice. If you were to look at pictures of her from her heyday as a supermodel compared to how she looks now, it is a very sad comparison. She would look so much better if she ages gracefully.

As for The Bad Girls Club, that whole show is a joke. I did like hearing Tanisha saying “Pop off” repeatedly and I look forward to using that phrase the next time someone says or does something to annoy me. Seriously, there was a point of time in my life that I went out to bars and clubs every weekend and may have acted really silly and watching The Bad Girls Club only reinforces my decision to never apply for a reality TV show (well except for Amazing Race, maybe American Gladiators). I would have been so mortified if my most embarassing idiotic moments were shown on TV for the world to see.

I’ve been getting a kick out of American Gladiators; I never thought there could be such a thing as male cleavage until I saw Titan in his uniform. For all those interested, open call tryouts in New York are on February 9. The whole tryouts on Shabbat thing is a bummer, also the fact that all of the female Gladiators could wipe the floor with me right now.

Even though I watch Project Runway regularly, I have not been motivated to recap regularly. What’s there to say: “Today another one of my favorites was aufed unfairly”. How many different ways can you say “The judges are complete and utter idiots”.

I watched “Crowned” on the WB, very amusing series. What was the most amusing was seeing Jack Wagner host the finals this week. He looks very well-preserved, what would have been awesome was if he sang “All I Need”, I haven’t heard that song in ages.

Because I’ve been watching too much TV, I made the 101/1001 list. It’s a whole lot better than New Years resolutions, you have more time to complete things and if you set a good number of short term tasks, you get a nice feeling of accomplishment that spurs you forward to do the long term stuff.

On that note, it’s time to start the weekly rush to get home before shabbas. Wish me luck in the pouring rain.


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  1. It’s not what you write about, it’s how you write it. I think I might write about what it’s like to be a shopaholic at (dum dum dum) Target.:)

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