Project Runway Season 4 Episode 7: The Adventures of Captain Douchebag

February 7, 2008 at 3:23 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

In this episode, the designers have to create an avant-garde look inspired by their model’s hairstyle. Some of the hairstyles are just awful (remember crimped hair). The designers are paired up randomly, the super duo of Rami and Jillian are no more. Rami is paired with Sweet P and Jillian is paired with Victorya. The remaining teams are Kit and Ricky and Chris and Christian. If a name is in bold, it means they are the captain of their teams.

Chris and Christian really seem to know what they’re doing. Kit voices that she is not really sure what avant-garde is. Rami is bossing Sweet P around. Victorya and Jillian are just doing their own thing.

Halfway through the challenge, Tim tells the designers that they have to make a ready to wear outfit in addition to the avant garde outfit. We get to see a bunch of “oh s-it” looks from the designers. Rami starts freaking out on Sweet P even more, he does not let her work on the avant garde dress, he assigns her to make a pair of pants with the a-g outfit and to work on the ready-to-wear outfit. Sweet P starts crying in the workroom and is comforted by Lea, one of the models.

We get to the runway show, Alberta Feretti is the guest judge. The top 2 teams are Chris/Christian and Victorya/Jillian. The bottom 2 teams are Rami/Sweet P and Kit/Ricky. Christian wins the challenge and Kit gets aufed. Now you know what I meant when I wrote in my prior post that I have lost motivation to recap. Kit was kind of screwed, first time in the bottom and she gets auf’ed. Rami was saved by Sweet P’s ready to wear dress, hopefully he went to the nearest bakery after the challenge and got himself some humble pie.


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