Project Runway Season 4 Episode 9: Is There Really a Spandex House?!?

February 14, 2008 at 4:20 pm | Posted in TV shows, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

To all those who say you can’t learn interesting things when watching reality TV shows, you obviously have not watched this season of Project Runway. We learned all about spit marks, MRSA infections, and avant-garde designs. I learned from this episode that there is an actual place called Spandex House.

In the obligatory apartment footage, Ricky tells us that he is feeling more confident in his work even though he feels he’s still not getting any respect from his fellow designers after his challenge wins. Heidi tells the designers to meet up with Tim for a field trip. I bet the designers never want to hear those words again after this show. Tim does take them on a field trip, down the elevator to the basement.

They hear weird noises emanating from behind the closed doors, Christian says that it sounds like sex moans, and the rest of the designers have worried looks on their faces. Tim opens the doors and we find the WWE divas wrestling each other in itty bitty costumes. Tim tells the designers that they have to make an outfit for their divas that tells a story. The designers choose their divas and the pairs are: Chris/Maria, Christian/Crystal, Ricky/Layla, Rami/Tori, Jillian/Michelle, and Sweet P/Candice.

Each pair consults for 30 minutes, Chris and Maria bond over their love of leopard, they are a match made in heaven. Christian learns that Crystal loves leather and lace, and I don’t think she means the Stevie Nicks/Don Henley song. Candice tells Sweet P that she is all about the robe and reveal. Sweet P says that Candice’s outfit scares her, sweetie your tattoos scare the crap out of me yet I still watch you every week. The other pairs look like they’re getting along just fine.

Tim takes the designers to Spandex House, Chris seems to be a regular customer at SH as he asks if they still have the green leopard print. The designers see their divas later in the day, Ricky is making his diva a bathing suit, Um, okay….Rami is following his fashion philosophy: when in doubt, drape. Too bad that doesn’t work with spandex. Candice tells Sweet P she wants a whole lot of bling on her outfit, enough to give Dolly Parton a run for her money. Christian thinks that Crystal is one of the fiercest people he ever met, he has really come to enjoy this challenge.

The designers of Heatherette are the guest judges; Christian, Chris, and Jillian are the judges favorites and Ricky returns to his designated spot as his outfit was judged least favorably along with Rami and Sweet P. Chris wins the challenge and he remarks that of course he wins the tackiest challenge ever. Ricky is aufed, this was long overdue, I may add. He outlasted a whole bunch of better designers.


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  1. Maya – there IS actually a Spandex House! I work in the Dept. of Theater & Dance at the local university and we have ordered some really “fierce” fabric from them! Check them out –

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