What’s Up With That?!?!

March 25, 2008 at 2:12 pm | Posted in News and Views, Opinion piece | 1 Comment

We’ve heard all about Client #9, threesomes, adulterous affairs, and scandalous text messages. If you think this is about the private lives of Britney, Lindsay, and Paris think again! By now, we’ve all heard about the downfall of Eliot Spitzer, the alleged threesomes of ex-Governor McGreevey, his wife, and their driver, and the extramarital troubles of the current governor of New York, David Patterson. Now we are hearing about the extra curricular activities of Kwame Kilpatrick, the mayor of Detroit.  Doesn’t anyone take cold showers anymore?


A Little Off

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Is it just me or is daylight savings time tougher to get used to this year? Of course it doesn’t help that I stayed out last Saturday night until 3:30 in the morning, and got little sleep. I’ve also been getting up real late this week, 8AM was the earliest I got out of bed. If it were up to me, I would get rid of daylight savings time; it is proving to be a real pain in the butt.

The Latest on Big Peanut

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Big Peanut has developed such a personality lately. On one hand, he is very imaginative and funny; one of his favorite things to do is to pretend to be a pilot/bus driver; he loves to get in his toy car and drive to either New Jersey, Las Vegas, or to where Real Genius is going to college. He also loves to run laps in the playroom. Occasionally, he gets into his bossy phases where he tells you that he is going to _______ but you can’t come.

I saw him earlier this week and he does something so hysterically funny that I have to mention it here. He picks up a circular object, puts it under his shirt, and walks around the playroom telling us that he has a baby in his belly. You really had to see it, it was so wrong yet funny at the same time. Keep in mind he’s not even 3 years old yet.

Songs that will make you cry aka bring out the kleenex

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In the last results show of American Idol, we saw David Archuleta weep openly when Alexandrea Lushington was voted off. Alexandrea sang Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now”; I can’t make fun of David for crying because that song makes me cry like a baby too. It got me thinking to what other sad songs would make me cry like David Archuleta and I came up with several songs (Bill also helped with this list, thanks sweetie!).

Chicago “If You Leave Me Now” will start off this list. have you ever noticed how Peter Cetera keeps his teeth clenched when he sings? This song is a classic breakup song, you can hear the pain and heartache as Peter Cetera begs his love not to leave him.

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam “All Cried Out”:  Lisa Lisa was very popular when I was growing up, she was best known for her dance songs like “I Wonder if I Take You Home” and “Head To Toe” but with “All Cried Out” she showed us that she knows how to bring us to tears too.

Cyndi Lauper “Time After Time”: This song was the 2nd single off her album “She’s So Unusual”; we knew that she just wanted to have fun but this song showed that she was not a one hit wonder.

Toto “I Won’t Hold You Back”: The first line of this song is used in a Roger Sanchez song, quite brilliantly I may add. Listen to the lyrics in the original and if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’re not human.

Michael Jackson “Stranger in Moscow”: Remember when Michael Jackson was good-looking? Yea, that was a long time ago. Seeing him the way he is now is downright depressing, no one takes him seriously anymore and his career is all but over in the US.

Bill’s choices for sad songs are:

Starship “Sara” : I don’t really have a clue what this song is about but it sure is sad as hell.

Pearl Jam “Last Kiss”

Honorable mention goes to any song by Creed especially “Take Me Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open”; these songs make me cry simply because they suck.

I know there are a wealth of sad songs; there are no Cure songs, Depeche Mode songs, and no Morrissey songs either. I can make a separate list from these groups but that is for another day.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 10: The Final 3 or is it 4? and a reunion too

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So, we are down to the last five contestants now. When they meet Heidi, we have the “choose the models” montage and everyone decides to keep their models which means Amanda is out. Heidi tells the designers that they are going on another field trip and they need to hand in their permission slips from home, whoops sorry this isn’t elementary school.

Tim takes them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and they have the whole museum to themselves. The designers go to the Greek and Roman courtyard, European paintings, and Temple of Dendur. They have 15 minutes for each wing. Each designer must choose a piece from one of these wings that inspire them and have to create a garment using that piece.

All but one of the designers chose pieces from the European paintings wing; can you guess which designer I’m leaving out? What did that designer choose as inspiration? Nothing much happens in the design room other than Sweet P’s model being very late for a fitting. Christian and Jillian have a little catfight, Chris decides to take a nap, and Rami does more draping.

Roberto Cavalli is the guest judge; Chris makes a gown that is an imitation of the gown he and Christian did for the couture challenge. Roberto Cavalli loves it but the judges aren’t sold on it. Christian wins the challenge and he and Jillian are chosen to show their designs in Bryant Park. Sweet P is auf’ed, like we didn’t see that coming. The judges are torn over Rami and Chris, they decide not to auf them. But, Rami and Chris must show their top 3 outfits to the judges and from that point the judges decide which one goes to Bryant Park.

So, the reunion show was okay; there’s a funny montage on Kevin, Ricky’s tears, and Chris March’s laugh. Michael Kors absolutely lost it during the WWE challenge and his face turned beet red. Christian wins the peoples choice challenge (?) and Michael Knight from last season presents him with a check. In the words of Shania Twain, the reunion show didn’t impress me much.

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