So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 6-11-08

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I’ve been looking forward to this show for weeks, I saw almost all of the audition episodes and already have my favorites for this season (Twitch, Kourtney L). In the first episode last year, there were 2 memorable dances (Sarah and Jesus’s routine to Triplets of Bellville, courtesy of Wade Robson and Lacey and Cameron’s contemporary routine courtesy of Mia Michaels); let’s see if there will be memorable dances this time. Better yet, let’s see how long I can last reviewing this show.

The jidges, oops judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Dan “Danny Downer” Karaty

Raven and Jamie, hip hop, “American Boy” Estelle w/Kanye West, Napoleon and Tabitha routine: awesome song, just danced to it in my power dance class at the gym earlier that night, i was wondering what is that song : ); well I liked Raven in the routine, Jamie not so much…also to get the first spot out is rough; I didn’t see Raven before tonight and I liked her alot, she has spunk and sass; There were mixed reviews from the judges, Nigel and Mary seemed to like it, Danny Downer was underwhelmed; I think they’re in danger of being voted in the bottom 3.

Susie and Marquis, smooth waltz, “Dark Waltz” Hayley Estenra, Hunter Johnson routine: I remember Susie from her Milwaukee audition, loud hair, loud clothes, just seems like she’s trying too hard imo; I am not particularly impressed with Hunter Johnson routines, and this routine didn’t change my impression; it was nice to see Susie in more clothes and she does have alot of talent; Marquis was nice eye candy and even though he messed up the final lift, he hid it well and kept going. The song made me want to go to sleep though; the judges seemed to like the routine, even Danny Downer; however I do think they’re in danger of being voted into the bottom 3.

Kourtney and Matt, jazz, “Tainted Love” Soft Cell, Mandy Moore routine: I love Mandy Moore, she is a cutie, very full of life and spunk, I had high expectations for it and I was disappointed; Kourtney looked pretty hot though; she has presence and charisma. I wasn’t impressed with the routine; there was nothing that popped out for me and usually in Mandy Moore’s choreography there is something memorable, not this time : ( From what I remember, the judges seemed okay with it but I think this couple is in trouble.

Chelsea T. and Thayne, cha-cha, Oye Como Va, Celia Cruz (remix), Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin routine: First of all, I love all the Latin dances, uptempo stuff is awesome! Secondly, I love Tony Meredith, he choreographs fun, interesting pieces that makes you want to get up and shake your butt; now that is what I’m talking about; Chelsea was hot, hot, hot; and Thayne was a good partner for her; that was awesome, that got my attention, super! All the judges liked it and I think they are safe.

 Chelsie and Mark, contemporary, Beautiful, Meshell NDegeocello, Mia Michaels routine: Mia Michaels is insane…in a good way. Most of her routines don’t make sense but you remember them for a long time. I find that her routines get better with second viewings (and sometimes third or fourth). The costuming for Chelsie was unfortunate; I wanted to look at her facial expressions but all I saw was puffy white dress. Nevertheless, Mark and Chelsie killed it and I do think they are safe.

Kherington and Twitch, Broadway, Too Darn Hot, Kiss Me Kate, Tyce D’Orio routine: Wow, this routine rocked! Some of the Broadway routines I just don’t get and others I love, this one is in the second camp all the way. Kherington is a little too smiley for my taste sometimes but this piece suited her personality to a tee. I would love to see her perform a piece that requires her to be any emotion other than happy. Twitch was awesome, wow I use that word alot, maybe I should consult a thesaurus : ) For real, I think the judges have lower expectations for hip hoppers and poppers/breakers. It’s like “Wow, I’m so proud of did all the steps and you didn’t mess up, hooray”,I also noticed they said a similar comment to Chelsie “You’re a ballroom dancer, you’re not supposed to be that good at this”; it is very annoying to hear and comes off as condescending.

Comfort and Chris, Jive, Boom Boom, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Tony Meredith: Yea, another Tony Meredith routine! This makes up for the Hunter Johnson routine earlier. The beginning was hot and then the routine never really took off for me. Comfort has all this fun personality and charm but her upper body was so stiff, something about it just looked a little off. But personality goes a long way in this competition and I don’t see her and Chris getting voted into the bottom 3. I’m not sure if it was a case of bad nerves or she does not know any technique; if it’s the latter, then I don’t think she’ll make it into the top 10 and that would be a shame.

Katee and Josh, hip-hop, No Air, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, Napoleon and Tabitha routine: ooh, cool another Napoleon and Tabitha routine; this one rocked! I had low expectations for Katee but she pulled off the hip hop, who knew? Joshua was amazing, he is very likable, that’s for sure.

Jessica and Will, tango, Tango, Cirque de Soleil, Hunter Johnson routine: Oh no, another Hunter Johnson routine, why?!?! Okay, I liked this one a little better than the waltz, Will really rocked this one. He was the perfect performer, macho, agressive; jessica, not so much. I noticed a little wobble near the end.

Courtney G and Gev, disco, Boogie Wonderland, Earth Wind and Fire, Doriana Sanchez routine: Okay, I love disco music; the disco dances on this show are all over the place. This routine was fun, Courtney was the star in this one, alot of spunk, sass, attitude. However, I thought the judges were a big hard on Gev, he wasn’t that bad but maybe you shouldn’t ask me, I was paying attention to Courtney.

Here are my predictions

Bottom 3 couples: Raven and Jamie, Susie and Marquis; the third couple is a bit harder for me to predict. I would say either Kourtney L or Matt or I hate to say this, Gev and Courtney. I would also put Jessica and Will in the mix.

Who’s leaving: Susie and Matt/Gev



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