So You Think You Can Dance Results 6-12-08

June 13, 2008 at 8:34 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

Let’s see if my predictions are right Bottom 3: Raven and Jaime, Susie and Marquis, or Kourtney/Matt, Jessica/Will, or Gev/Courtney for the last slot: Girl going home: Susie, Guy going home: Matt/Gev

Group dance: Wade Robson choreographed that and maybe he has some issues with Nigel ; ), tying him up in the chair; crazy stuff; the one thing I don’t like about the group dances this early in the season is that it’s such a clusterf*ck, you can’t really distinguish the dancers, can’t tell who stands out.

Bottom 3 couples are Raven/Jaime, Kourtney/Matt, and Jessica/Will; surprised that Susie/Marquis were safe, i thought a waltz the first night out is not a good omen; i guess alot of guys voted for Susie….

Solos: I only saw Raven/Jaime, and Kourtney/Matt; noticed Kourtney wobbled a bit and she did not look happy with her solo, Matt’s solo was okay, Raven and Jaime’s solos were more entertaining

Performances: there were 2 breakers from Electric Bugaloo (?), that was fun; I skipped Pussycat Dolls

The judges decided to let Raven and Jaime go; can’t say I’m too shocked with that one; we hardly saw them in the audition footage; even though I liked their solos better than Kourtney and matt, i guess the judges didn’t or maybe they have a thing for dancers alternating between expressions of happiness and heartbreak or constipation, flaing their arms, rolling around all over the stage, and kicking randomly who knows?

In retrospect, I really should have known that Raven and Jaime would be the first to go; at least I predicted the bottom 3 couples fairly well. See you same time, same place : )


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