So You Think You Can Dance Part 2: 6-18-08

June 19, 2008 at 3:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Courtney G./Gev, contemporary, “Lost” Anouk, Mandy Moore routine: Ooh, Mandy Moore choreographing contemporary, cool stuff. The lighting was superb, chemistry was there, really innovative lifts, Gev really improved from his performance last week. Mixed reviews from the judges, Gev was praised almost all-around, Courtney didn’t perform up to Mia’s expectations.

Katee/Josh, Broadway, “All for the Best”, Godspell, Tyce DiOrio routine: I don’t know anything about Godspell whatsoever. I do know that Katee and Josh are my favorite couples on the show and they will take whatever they’re given and do an awesome job. Some of the choreo was corny but my g-d they made it work. It was entertaining and fun and all the judges seemed to love it.

Susie/Marquis, salsa, “Aguanille”, Wilie Colon and Hector Lavoe, Alex DaSilva routine: I haven’t made it a secret that I’m not terribly impressed with Susie, was shocked that they didn’t get voted in the bottom 3 last week. But I was curious to see what she could do here. The answer: not very much. All the judges didn’t like the performance that much.

Twitchington, Viennese waltz, “A New Day will Come”, Celine Dion, Jean-Marc Genereux routine: The routine is inspired by J-M Genereux daugher, she has Rett syndrome. This is one routine I will watch again on You Tube, the dancing was superb, I hate Celine Dion songs but I was really getting into it. Maybe I can just mute the song and watch them dance. All the judges loved the performance although Mia and Nigel got into a littel dispute over Kherington’s display of emotion, Mia seemed to think her smiling all the time was unnecessary and Nigel disagreed.

Comfort/Chris, krump, some song by 50 Cent/Timbaland, Lil’ C routine: The beginning of the routine was cool but it went downhill for me after. Nigel dissed Chris by saying his granny is more gangster than him. A bit disappointing for the last routine.

My picks for Bottom 3 couples: Well, Will/Jessica and Kourtney/Matt might be voted in there just because they were last week. I think Susie/Marquis can’t avoid the bottom 3 this time around. Chelsea T/Thayne are also contenders since they went first and the routine wasn’t praised. The first spot out is a trouble spot. Comfort/Chris are safe this time b/c she’s so damn charming and cute.

Guy going home: hmm, could be Marquis;

Girl going home: either Susie or Jessica


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