So You Think You Can Dance Top 18 Part 1: 6-18-08

June 19, 2008 at 3:09 pm | Posted in TV shows | Leave a comment

After seeing how long last week’s post was, I think I’ll shorten it to 2 parts. I hope the dances in this episode are better than the ones last week. There are 4 pieces from last week that I will watch again on YouTube (Twitchington, Chelsea T./Thayne, Chelsie H./Mark, Josh/Katee), let’s see how many I will watch again this week.

Judges: Nigel, Mary, and Mia Michaels in the rotating spot

The question for the couples this week is what they like/dislike about their partners aka filler.

Chelsea T/Thayne, jazz, “Untouched” The Veronicas, Mandy Moore routine: I was so excited to see them perform after their cha-cha from last week; the concept was interesting and the song is one I will definitely download from ITunes. However, the performance fell flat for me. The costumes didn’t help either, I understand they have to dance in them and all but bows on black dance shoes?!?! A neck ruffle accessorized with a leotard? It seems that this season’s cast has not done justice to Mandy Moore routines to date, it’s a trend I’m not liking. All the judges didn’t seem to like the performance that much.

Chelsie H./Mark, argentine tango, “Mi Confession” Gotan Project, Alex Da Silva routine: This is the first time seeing Alex Da Silva this season, his routines are always fun to watch, hot Latin music, interesting moves. This routine did not disappoint, Chelsie was absolutely awesome, that high kick that almost reached the back of her head was superb. Mark looked like a stud out there, it’s amazing what the right costume and slicked back hair can do. When you think of tango, you think of passion, fire, intensity and that was there between Mark and Chelsie, surprising considering that there is a brother/sister vibe to their relationship. Chelsie’s pinkie toe somehow made it’s way outside her shoe and Cat had to kneel down and fix her shoe; that looked extremely painful; hope no permanent damage was done. All the judges liked their dancing, major praise for Mark, esp. from Mia which is interesting considering she kinda dissed him last week. Nigel wanted Chelsie to be a little bit more sleazy in the performance; imo, this is a ‘family show’, kind of, there is on need for excessive sleaze on this show, there’s enough of it in other shows if that’s your thing.

Will/Jessica, hip-hop, “Whatever U Like” Nicole Scherzinger, Cicely and Olisa routine: First of all, crappy song; whenever I hear anything Pussycat Dolls, I tune out. This wasn’t one of the better hip hop routines on the show, not at all. Will was awesome though, Jessica not so much. You would think with chairs and hats the routine would have kept my attention. Mixed reviews from the judges, mostly praise to Will, Nigel was the only judge that liked Jessica

Kourtney L./Matt, fox-trot, “A Foggy Day (in London Town)”, Michael Buble, Jean-Marc Genereux routine: Awesome choice of song, good costuming, it was a pleasant routine to watch. The lifts were amazing, I always love J-M Genereux routines. The judges had mixed reviews, praise for Matt and mixed reviews for Kourtney. Mia says a funny comment about how she feels that Kourtney is strong only with her leg in the air.




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