About Me

For those of you who are brand new to this blog, here are the basics:

I am Jewish, was born in Israel but grew up in New Jersey, make my home in New York City; have 3 siblings who I get along with well, even though I may not see all of them on a consistent basis;  have 2 adorable nephews.

Since I do not post pictures of myself on this blog, I can tell you that many people think I look like this Emmy award winning actress.

 Likes: reading (historical fiction, Jewish books, biographies, various celebrity websites), going to free events (movies, wine tastings) in the city, dancing, karaoke, long hikes, the beach, esp. the Jersey Shore, roller coasters, swimming, italian ices, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, I better end the list here

Dislikes: mushrooms (except portobello), olives, anchovies, people that drive very slowly in the left lane, tailgaters, extremism of any kind


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