Life with Short Hair

August 18, 2008 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Getting personal, Inspiration | 1 Comment

On Friday, I got my big haircut. 10 inches of my hair were donated to Locks of Love. It was a very lovely experience, my stylist was so nice and she did an awesome job on my hair. Next time I need a haircut or if I decide to get highlights, I am going back there. I also want to thank my small entourage for cheering me on and making this experience really special.

After almost 3 days with short hair, I already have a list of advantages of having short hair over longer hair:

1. Less prep time in the morning and before going out.

2. Running with short hair is a pleasure, I feel so much lighter.

3. The looks of surprise on the faces of my family and friends when they see my haircut for the first time. This has been a nice little boost to my ego although I worry that I might have the first signs of ‘big-head syndrome”.

4. Along the same vein of #3, I’ve had people tell me that I look older, mature,¬†and more sophisticated. Instead of people telling me that I look 21, 20, or even 18, I might get to hear that I look 23 or 24 instead.

5. Letting go of old thoughts and making room for new positive thoughts. Previously, I backed off of getting a major haircut because I didn’t think I would look good with short hair. I’ve always had long hair and the shortest I ever had was shoulder-length hair. This makes me look back on negative thoughts I’ve had in my life and might still have and gives me some hope that it is never too late to change for the better.


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