Catch the Olympic Fever!

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The Olympics are almost over and I have been watching them nearly every night. I’ve always loved watching the Olympics since I was a kid; it didn’t matter so much which countries were at war with each other, sports transcend all of that or at least it should. Remember the summer olympics in 1996? I was there : ) I even had free accomodations because Dr. O lived in Atlanta at the time. We watched track & field, tennis, rowing, and table tennis.

Gettting back to these games, let’s talk about the good stuff:

1. Michael Phelp’s historic 8 medals; he is awesome in the pool and seems like he’s a pretty awesome guy out of the pool. The minute they showed him playing with his dog, he had me.

2. The US womens sweep in sabre fencing; great way to start off the Olympics.

3. James Blake defeating Roger Federer in mens singles.

4. The US mens gymnastics team taking the bronze medal in team competition

5. Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson going 1-2 in the womens all-around competition, balance beam (except in reverse order), Liukin’s performance in uneven bars (got screwed out of a gold medal IMO) and their 2-3 performances in floor exercise.

6. Shalene Flanagan taking the bronze medal in the womens 10,000 m. This race is the territory of Ethiopians, it’s nice to see an American do well in the long distance races.

7. Oksana Chusotivina grabbing a silver medal for Germany in the womens vault competition. She used to compete for Russia and moved to Germany when her son was discovered to have leukemia. Her son is in remission and, btw, she’s 33 years old, how freakin’ awesome is it to see her compete with women half her age?

The Disappointments of the Summer Games (so far)

1. Tyson Gay not making it to the finals of the mens 100m; i guess his injury was more serious than initially thought.

2. James Blake losing to Fernando Gonzales in the semi-finals of the mens’ tennis.

3. Bernard Lagat failing to make it to the finals of the 1500m, quite a shock!

4. The whole controversy with the Chinese girl singers

I’m sure there are more disappointments but I can’t think of them now. There are 4 more days left and then 4 more years until the London Olympics…


You Cannot Be Serious!

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Anyone who moves to New York City is aware that there are tradeoffs. You can go to free concerts and movies everyday of the week, or pretty close to it, but the cost of living is expensive. I hear of the monthly rents my friends pay for their apartments now and it is just ridiculous, not to mention the price of food and transportation. According to the New York Times, the MTA wants to propose a fare increase for next year to close down a budget gap. Wasn’t it not long ago that the MTA supposedly had a budget surplus and now there’s a large gap? That takes alot of nerve to even talk about proposing a fare increase, especially with the delays that alot of commuters are experiencing on the subway. First fix the problems with delays, then discuss increasing fares, mmkay?

On a completely different note, I heard of this comment from a nationally known radio host about children with autism. While the comment is extremely ignorant, I do not think this host should be fired. Instead, he should do some volunteer work at a school for kids with autism, maybe he can observe a classroom of older kids with autism, see the work that teachers are doing with these kids so they can find a job, maybe that will change his point of view, or not.

Instead of blogging, I’m…

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1. going to free concerts in the city (Yael Naim, the 2 free NY Philarmonic concerts in Central Park, Bon Jovi); on this note, I though the sound system for the 2nd NY Philarmonic concert sucked; there didn’t seem to be as many speakers placed around the lawn and it seemed more crowded for this concert than the last one.

Now I can say that I’ve seen Bon Jovi in concert. For a jersey girl not to see Bon Jovi live, what a travesty ; ) Seriously, I never really appreciated Bon Jovi until recently. Their upbeat songs all sound the same, not much variety in their music until recently. I don’t like their new stuff as much as their 80s stuff but their show was phenomenal, made standing on line for what seemed like eternity worthwhile. Jon Bon Jovi is one good looking man who should be sponsoring toothpaste, seriously did you see how white his teeth are?  How many times can you say you saw a rock concert on the Great Lawn? Plus, the sound system rocked!

2. trying to get back into running; I got new running sneakers (Brooks Addiction, in case anyone’s curious) and have been running 2-3x a week (might alternate with spinning class, swimming, dancing one day a week and lift weights or do yoga 1 day a week), there’s an awesome pre-season sports conditioning class at the gym that is super popular, whenever i’ve come to the class, it gets at least 20 people, sometimes close to 30 or more people; what I like the most is the class does it all for you, you get your cardio with the sprints we do in class and you get strengthbuilding from the different exercises with free weights (lunges with bicep curls, pushups, mountain climbers).

3. exploring the great outdoors. Last Thursday, I went hiking in Morris County, NJ with the JOC; we hiked 6 miles and there was so much variety, we walked on roads, grass, had to climb up rocks and the scenery was beautiful, everything from waterfalls, forests, green meadows; oh, and my fellow hikers were very nice as well : ) Yesterday, I went to the Bronx Zoo (another JOC adventure) and decided that I want a lemur as a pet, forget about dogs! Other than the weird eyes, they are cute furry creatures and it would make for a great ice-breaker. I saw tigers, snow leopards, monkeys, giraffes, and tapirs (yes, you heard right).

4. seeing family; Fathers Day was great; we went to a sculpture garden in NJ followed by a family barbecue. My nephews are awesome; a couple weeks ago my mom and I took Big Peanut to the Children’s Museum followed by a sushi lunch. Little Peanut is now walking, it’s funny because he hasn’t quite figured out yet how to work his knees while walking. There is a youtube video of him walking, it’s the most adorable thing ever.

I remember a time when I used to post everyday but the pace was too much for me to keep up with.  There has to be a middle ground between posting everyday and posting 1x a month. Also, I debate with myself over the format of my blog. Don’t worry, I’m not putting away the pen yet, far from it.

National Doughnut Day

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Did you know that today is National Doughnut Day? I saw this originally on and read more about it here. If you haven’t already, this is a real good excuse to treat yourself to a doughnut : )  

How Time Flies…

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I have been in one of my “no blogging” phases, this occasionally happens; what have I been doing over the past month?

1. I saw 4 movies in the past month: Iron Man, Baby Mama, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Sex and the City. Guess which two of these movies I saw with Bill?  One of these movies required me going back to the rat theatre, a friend who I’ll nickname Little Debbie (LD) had free passes. In the interest of keeping this post on the short side, I’ll review some, if not all, of the movies in future posts.

2. Bill and I have been spending some time with our nephews; we’ve been asked to do some babysitting. Bill has taught Big Peanut to run towards the pigeons in the park and make them fly away. BP also got a new bike that he absolutely loves. He can ride the bike very well with training wheels, I don’t think I even rode a bike at 3 years old.

3. I went to the JOC (Jewish Outdoors Club) event at Bear Mountain State park. Bill and I did an easy/moderate hike; there was very little easy in our hike. The first few minutes of our hike involved walking over a stream and walking up a steep incline. We were rewarded with some pretty amazing views. The downhill part of the hike was more challenging in my opinion. You constantly had to watch for tree root. On our way back to the park, it started raining and when we got to the barbecue it was pouring. It was my first time at Bear Mountain and I loved it, there are a variety of hiking trails, the zoo was not too shabby either. I would love to go back, just as long as it’s not raining.

4. A friend of mine, Little Debbie, has moved to my neighborhood. We initially met through mutual friends at a Shabbat meal about 6 months ago. She has already made a few Shabbas meals, there is a nice backyard in her building that she has access to.

5. The Israel Day parade was fun; I’m generally not into parades but I always go to the Isarel Day parade. It’s a chance to catch up with friends who you haven’t talked to in a long time and more importantly, you make it known that you support Israel. I knew of some friends who were walking in the parade but I didn’t get to see them : (  After the parade, Bill and I walked with a friend to the concert in the park, and went to a barbecue on the rooftop of the Jewish Center.

6. Thanks to the writing group that I’ve participated in for the past 4 months, I’ve started writing a personal essay on getting my ears pierced for the first time and have started writing 2 fiction pieces based on personal experiences. If I get my butt in gear, I might even submit my personal essay to some writing contests.

7. My younger brother, Rebel Lawyer, graduated law school 2 weeks ago. The ceremony was very long and Dr. O and I did not get to see RL get his diploma since we had to go back to work in the afternoon. RL is stuyding for the bar.


The Things Kids Say

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Here are some more funny things out of the mouth of Big Peanut.

After I tell him I’m going to the gym :

Big Peanut: Are you going to Mommy’s gym?

me: No, I’m going to the gym on (insert street number)

Big Peanut: Can I go to the gym with you?

After Bill puts on his fedora

Big Peanut: I don’t like your hat.


My Favorite Things

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1. Starbucks frappucino drinks

2. longer days

3. hanging out at Big Daddy’s

4. writing

5. Bill in a tuxedo

That’s all i can think of for now.

A Little Off

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Is it just me or is daylight savings time tougher to get used to this year? Of course it doesn’t help that I stayed out last Saturday night until 3:30 in the morning, and got little sleep. I’ve also been getting up real late this week, 8AM was the earliest I got out of bed. If it were up to me, I would get rid of daylight savings time; it is proving to be a real pain in the butt.

Burping Bertha

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Burping Bertha is one of Bill’s nicknames for me and it came about thanks to the infamous soda machine talked about in my last post. Seltzer really does bring out the burps, I must have burped a few times in a row, hence the name “Burping Bertha”.

The Soda Club Machine

February 21, 2008 at 2:46 pm | Posted in Random Stuff | 1 Comment

Bill is currently in the middle of a DIY (Do It Yourself) phase, he recently got himself a seltzer machine from Soda Club. He also got an assortment of nifty syrups so we can have anything from coke to lemon lime to orange seltzer. You fill up the Soda Club bottle with water up to the top line, then you put it in the machine and you press the top button several times to carbonate the water.

I giggled uncontrollably when I pressed the button. The carbonation sounded like someone was letting out a big, juicy fart. I am even laughing now as I type this. This machine provide you with minutes of endless amusement as well as a very tasty bottle of seltzer.

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