So You Think You Can Dance Part 2: 6-18-08

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Courtney G./Gev, contemporary, “Lost” Anouk, Mandy Moore routine: Ooh, Mandy Moore choreographing contemporary, cool stuff. The lighting was superb, chemistry was there, really innovative lifts, Gev really improved from his performance last week. Mixed reviews from the judges, Gev was praised almost all-around, Courtney didn’t perform up to Mia’s expectations.

Katee/Josh, Broadway, “All for the Best”, Godspell, Tyce DiOrio routine: I don’t know anything about Godspell whatsoever. I do know that Katee and Josh are my favorite couples on the show and they will take whatever they’re given and do an awesome job. Some of the choreo was corny but my g-d they made it work. It was entertaining and fun and all the judges seemed to love it.

Susie/Marquis, salsa, “Aguanille”, Wilie Colon and Hector Lavoe, Alex DaSilva routine: I haven’t made it a secret that I’m not terribly impressed with Susie, was shocked that they didn’t get voted in the bottom 3 last week. But I was curious to see what she could do here. The answer: not very much. All the judges didn’t like the performance that much.

Twitchington, Viennese waltz, “A New Day will Come”, Celine Dion, Jean-Marc Genereux routine: The routine is inspired by J-M Genereux daugher, she has Rett syndrome. This is one routine I will watch again on You Tube, the dancing was superb, I hate Celine Dion songs but I was really getting into it. Maybe I can just mute the song and watch them dance. All the judges loved the performance although Mia and Nigel got into a littel dispute over Kherington’s display of emotion, Mia seemed to think her smiling all the time was unnecessary and Nigel disagreed.

Comfort/Chris, krump, some song by 50 Cent/Timbaland, Lil’ C routine: The beginning of the routine was cool but it went downhill for me after. Nigel dissed Chris by saying his granny is more gangster than him. A bit disappointing for the last routine.

My picks for Bottom 3 couples: Well, Will/Jessica and Kourtney/Matt might be voted in there just because they were last week. I think Susie/Marquis can’t avoid the bottom 3 this time around. Chelsea T/Thayne are also contenders since they went first and the routine wasn’t praised. The first spot out is a trouble spot. Comfort/Chris are safe this time b/c she’s so damn charming and cute.

Guy going home: hmm, could be Marquis;

Girl going home: either Susie or Jessica


Birthday Wish List

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My birthday isn’t until close to Labor Day but it’s never too early to reveal your wish list.

1. a couch/futon

2. a new TV (i’ve had my TV for almost 7 years and it’s not a flat screen, gasp!)

3. a new Ipod (I have an Ipod mini and every accessory that’s out is for the nano, shuffle, or regular Ipod)

4. an all expense paid vacation to the caribbean

5. tickets to Jersey Boys; if not that, then Avenue Q or Crybaby will do

6. tickets to Madonna

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable ; )

Law and Order

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I find that watching Law and Order is the equivalent of a sleeping pill for me. If I come across an episode at night, especially from the Benjamin Bratt era, I usually conk out within 30 minutes of the beginning of the show. As long as Law & Order is on the air, I don’t think I will have any use for Ambien. 

Passover 2008 recap

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Pre-Passover: I was debating how I would spend the first and last days and after my parents informed me that all my siblings would be coming home for the first days, I didn’t have the heart to disappoint my parents and not come home, even though I knew that there would be a whole slew of complications. A little background: there are a whole slew of rules for Passover regarding what kind of foods one should eat, how one should prepare the home for Passover, etc. This is why people go on vacation during Passover.

As some of you may know, I am more observant than my immediate family. This is why there are a set of cookware and dishes reserved for when I’m home, my parents make sure there is kosher meat in the house, the oven has to be kashered as well (thank g-d there is a self-cleaning oven), etc. But for Passover, the rules are so much more complicated when it comes to eating in a non-kosher kitchen. I really wanted to avoid the whole dilemma but that wasn’t meant to be.

First days: I had to share my seder with the National Basketball Association. The 1st game of the Phoenix Suns/San Antonio Spurs series was underway and the men in my family are major sports fans; soccer, tennis, and basketball are the favorites. So back to the seder, we had family friends over as well and it was very chaotic. It was great to catch up with everyone and of course it was a joy to see my nephews, Big Peanut had alot of fun singing Mah Nishtana and finding the afikomen. I could have done without the distraction of Shaquille O’Neal and Tony Parker, next year there better be no NBA games on seder nights ; )

My family does not have a second seder, instead of two days in the beginning and end of the holiday, there is one day. I went to my best friend’s place for the 2nd night. I had lunches with one of the rabbis from my hometown shul. Overall, it was extremely relaxing; I took lots of naps, so much that my dad asked whether I slept more than the family dog.

During the middle days, I worked and the last days were spent in the city with Bill and his family. After the end of the holiday, Bill and I had grilled cheese sandwiches. I was very stressed out with deciding what to do for Passover and by the time the holiday came around I was so wiped out. I was not into the spirit of the holiday as much as I should have been, and I wish I didn’t let little things get to me so much. Hopefully next year will be better.

we now interrupt our regularly scheduled program…

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This afternoon, mean maya briefly took over this blog. We had a talk and I told her to take a hike ; )

Nice Maya is now back to save the day.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 9: Is There Really a Spandex House?!?

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To all those who say you can’t learn interesting things when watching reality TV shows, you obviously have not watched this season of Project Runway. We learned all about spit marks, MRSA infections, and avant-garde designs. I learned from this episode that there is an actual place called Spandex House.

In the obligatory apartment footage, Ricky tells us that he is feeling more confident in his work even though he feels he’s still not getting any respect from his fellow designers after his challenge wins. Heidi tells the designers to meet up with Tim for a field trip. I bet the designers never want to hear those words again after this show. Tim does take them on a field trip, down the elevator to the basement.

They hear weird noises emanating from behind the closed doors, Christian says that it sounds like sex moans, and the rest of the designers have worried looks on their faces. Tim opens the doors and we find the WWE divas wrestling each other in itty bitty costumes. Tim tells the designers that they have to make an outfit for their divas that tells a story. The designers choose their divas and the pairs are: Chris/Maria, Christian/Crystal, Ricky/Layla, Rami/Tori, Jillian/Michelle, and Sweet P/Candice.

Each pair consults for 30 minutes, Chris and Maria bond over their love of leopard, they are a match made in heaven. Christian learns that Crystal loves leather and lace, and I don’t think she means the Stevie Nicks/Don Henley song. Candice tells Sweet P that she is all about the robe and reveal. Sweet P says that Candice’s outfit scares her, sweetie your tattoos scare the crap out of me yet I still watch you every week. The other pairs look like they’re getting along just fine.

Tim takes the designers to Spandex House, Chris seems to be a regular customer at SH as he asks if they still have the green leopard print. The designers see their divas later in the day, Ricky is making his diva a bathing suit, Um, okay….Rami is following his fashion philosophy: when in doubt, drape. Too bad that doesn’t work with spandex. Candice tells Sweet P she wants a whole lot of bling on her outfit, enough to give Dolly Parton a run for her money. Christian thinks that Crystal is one of the fiercest people he ever met, he has really come to enjoy this challenge.

The designers of Heatherette are the guest judges; Christian, Chris, and Jillian are the judges favorites and Ricky returns to his designated spot as his outfit was judged least favorably along with Rami and Sweet P. Chris wins the challenge and he remarks that of course he wins the tackiest challenge ever. Ricky is aufed, this was long overdue, I may add. He outlasted a whole bunch of better designers.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 7: Hmm, I Think I See a Shark Coming

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We start off, as usual, in the apartments. Since Eliza was eliminated, Victorya has moved into the apartment with the remaining female contestants (Sweet P, Kit, Jillian). Nothing of note happened in the guys apartments, although I did appreciate seeing Rami in his towel.

Heidi reveals the next challenge by bringing out 8 high school girls. The designers will be making prom dresses for the girls and unlike previous challenges, the designers do not choose who they will work with, it is the other way around. The girls chose their designers based on their portfolios.

Christian has met his match in Maddie, a wanna-be designer. She wants black, brown, gold, white, and lace. Oy vey….most of the other collaborations seem to be going smoothly. They go to Mood and purchase fabrics. Some designers choose wisely and others…well you’ll see later on.

Most of the designers have finished their dress and are chilling out, Christian is about ready to throw in the towel. We see the runway show and the top designers are Victorya and Sweet P. The judges put Ricky, Kevin, Rami, and Christian in the bottom.

Victorya wins the challenge, and Kevin gets auf’ed. The streak of crappy aufings has continued; maybe I’ll link to some pics of the designs if I feel like it.

Writing Classes

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I am thinking of taking a writing class this winter, preferably a journalism class. There is a class on breaking into the womens magazine field that interests me. I know The New School, NYU, and Media Bistro have these classes. If anyone has taken a class at these places, what is the quality of these classes? Did it help your writing in any way?

Kosher Subway

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I just found out about a kosher Subway opening in the city. The only thing better would be if they made the Subway that’s 4 blocks from me kosher too. Seriously, we need more casual kosher places to dine; I also would like a kosher Thai restaurant but we can’t always get what we want.

Guess Where Maya’s Going on Vacation Clue #2

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My first clue was this. Here’s my second clue:

This place is famous for its many performances of all kinds.

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