Major Players in The Life of Maya

I don’t use real names on my blog; instead I come up with nicknames, some more clever than others. You should also know that this page will be under constant revising for the forseeable future. Some of these people are mentioned in many entries, others may be mentioned infrequently or not at all.


Dr. O: my older brother, lives in my neighborhood, very smart (always hated that he did not have to study hard to get good grades), very mellow, married to Dr. N for 6 years and counting

Dr. N: sister-in-law, does not like chocolate, dresses very well, grew up in the sunshine state, also very smart

They are parents of two awesomely cute boys. Nicknames to be revealed at a later time, if at all.

Big Peanut: my 2 year old nephew

Little Peanut: my youngest nephew, almost 6 months old

The Rebel Lawyer: my younger brother, goes to law school in New York City, used to have long hair in high school, plays guitar, banjo (sure i’m forgetting other instruments), is in a band that I describe as a rock-country-bluegrass hybrid, is in a long-term relationship

Real Genius: my youngest brother, goes to a well known university in the northeast US, plays tennis, loves The Simpsons and Family Guy


Bill: tall, handsome, just as pale as me. if we were to have kids, they’d be the whitest kids on the planet. he is very opinionated, hysterically funny, an amazing cook, and all around mensch.


BF: my best friend, we first met at day camp 24 years ago, loves kids, has a cat, has a really good singing voice she likes to show off at karaoke, is going to school and working 2 jobs at the same time, loyal and generous

Celeb-a-holic: one of my college friends, we lived in the same dorm freshman year and suffered through pre-calculus together, a major autograph hound, loves going to free events, and we have seen many nostalgia acts together. I introduced her to ABBA, something which I don’t think her husband has forgiven me for yet. She works in the law field.

CJ: another friend from college, can be stubborn at times, one of my favorite people ever, gives very good advice, is very fair and practical, also works in the law field

LR: friend who I went to the Morrissey show with, aka The Foot Doctor, we live in the same neighborhood, we share the same warped sense of humor, always annoy the people around us with our incessant laughter over all things trivial

AG: a friend from the neighborhood, co-hosts Shabbas meals with the Spinmeister and Mikayla every month or so (been going to these meals for about 2 years now), wears a beret, very talkative, good sense of humor, also knows his way around the kitchen

The Spinmeister: hosts the Shabbat meals I was referring to above, tall, laid-back kind of guy, has an awesome sense of humor, one of these guys who is seemingly very quiet then says something out of nowhere that is so hillarious,  very good cook

Mikayla: co-hosts the Shabbas meals referred to above, very good cook as well, loves spicy food and conversation,

Theatre Chick: one of my friends from the neighborhood, has the most beautiful speaking and singing voices I’ve ever heard

Shay: friend who I went to the Police concert with, tall and gorgeous, great sense of humor, laidback, just a fun chick

City Parents: I wrote a whole post about them on Positive Blogging Day 2, shul friends

Jewminican: another shul friend, is married, living in the NYC area, sarcastic, witty, intelligent

Catwoman: another shul friend, married and living in the NYC area, a gourmet cook, intelligent


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