Project Runway Season 4 Episode 10: The Final 3 or is it 4? and a reunion too

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So, we are down to the last five contestants now. When they meet Heidi, we have the “choose the models” montage and everyone decides to keep their models which means Amanda is out. Heidi tells the designers that they are going on another field trip and they need to hand in their permission slips from home, whoops sorry this isn’t elementary school.

Tim takes them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and they have the whole museum to themselves. The designers go to the Greek and Roman courtyard, European paintings, and Temple of Dendur. They have 15 minutes for each wing. Each designer must choose a piece from one of these wings that inspire them and have to create a garment using that piece.

All but one of the designers chose pieces from the European paintings wing; can you guess which designer I’m leaving out? What did that designer choose as inspiration? Nothing much happens in the design room other than Sweet P’s model being very late for a fitting. Christian and Jillian have a little catfight, Chris decides to take a nap, and Rami does more draping.

Roberto Cavalli is the guest judge; Chris makes a gown that is an imitation of the gown he and Christian did for the couture challenge. Roberto Cavalli loves it but the judges aren’t sold on it. Christian wins the challenge and he and Jillian are chosen to show their designs in Bryant Park. Sweet P is auf’ed, like we didn’t see that coming. The judges are torn over Rami and Chris, they decide not to auf them. But, Rami and Chris must show their top 3 outfits to the judges and from that point the judges decide which one goes to Bryant Park.

So, the reunion show was okay; there’s a funny montage on Kevin, Ricky’s tears, and Chris March’s laugh. Michael Kors absolutely lost it during the WWE challenge and his face turned beet red. Christian wins the peoples choice challenge (?) and Michael Knight from last season presents him with a check. In the words of Shania Twain, the reunion show didn’t impress me much.


Project Runway Season 4 Episode 9: Is There Really a Spandex House?!?

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To all those who say you can’t learn interesting things when watching reality TV shows, you obviously have not watched this season of Project Runway. We learned all about spit marks, MRSA infections, and avant-garde designs. I learned from this episode that there is an actual place called Spandex House.

In the obligatory apartment footage, Ricky tells us that he is feeling more confident in his work even though he feels he’s still not getting any respect from his fellow designers after his challenge wins. Heidi tells the designers to meet up with Tim for a field trip. I bet the designers never want to hear those words again after this show. Tim does take them on a field trip, down the elevator to the basement.

They hear weird noises emanating from behind the closed doors, Christian says that it sounds like sex moans, and the rest of the designers have worried looks on their faces. Tim opens the doors and we find the WWE divas wrestling each other in itty bitty costumes. Tim tells the designers that they have to make an outfit for their divas that tells a story. The designers choose their divas and the pairs are: Chris/Maria, Christian/Crystal, Ricky/Layla, Rami/Tori, Jillian/Michelle, and Sweet P/Candice.

Each pair consults for 30 minutes, Chris and Maria bond over their love of leopard, they are a match made in heaven. Christian learns that Crystal loves leather and lace, and I don’t think she means the Stevie Nicks/Don Henley song. Candice tells Sweet P that she is all about the robe and reveal. Sweet P says that Candice’s outfit scares her, sweetie your tattoos scare the crap out of me yet I still watch you every week. The other pairs look like they’re getting along just fine.

Tim takes the designers to Spandex House, Chris seems to be a regular customer at SH as he asks if they still have the green leopard print. The designers see their divas later in the day, Ricky is making his diva a bathing suit, Um, okay….Rami is following his fashion philosophy: when in doubt, drape. Too bad that doesn’t work with spandex. Candice tells Sweet P she wants a whole lot of bling on her outfit, enough to give Dolly Parton a run for her money. Christian thinks that Crystal is one of the fiercest people he ever met, he has really come to enjoy this challenge.

The designers of Heatherette are the guest judges; Christian, Chris, and Jillian are the judges favorites and Ricky returns to his designated spot as his outfit was judged least favorably along with Rami and Sweet P. Chris wins the challenge and he remarks that of course he wins the tackiest challenge ever. Ricky is aufed, this was long overdue, I may add. He outlasted a whole bunch of better designers.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 8: 2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad

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This episode starts off with the apartment montages; Ricky voices that it’s tough to motivate yourself for each challenges when the judges tell you that you suck everytime. Well, maybe he didn’t say it exactly like that…

Heidi tells the designers that they are going for a field trip and they will have to meet Tim to find out where they’re going. Why can’t they just skip that part of the show? All Heidi does is just walk down the runway, tell the contestants that they will have to meet Tim for a trip, and then just smiles and walks away.

The designers find themselves in Brooklyn in front of some warehouse. The door is opened and they find a whole bunch of denim strewn around the space. They have a few minutes to grab all the denim they can and to make an outfit for Levis 501 Jeans. I think the part where they have to run and grab stuff is a bit unfair to Chris. Maybe the powers that be don’t like him very much….At least he doesn’t lose a show, like Sweet P did. She was wearing flip-flops which is a wonderful thing to wear when you’re running on a dirty floor.

Tensions are high in the workroom, Christian is in a major pissy mood and Chris remarks on how cute youth is and also comments that Christian should be given a bottle and put to bed. Sweet P is inspired to make a wedding dress out of denim, Tim is like “You can do that, just be prepared to go home after that”. Ricky’s trying to convince himself that he is fierce and that he can design denim like no one else can. Victorya and Jillian are both making denim jackets, seems like the avant-garde challenge took alot out of them.

The runway show starts and the results are a little topsy turvy. Ricky and Sweet P are the favorites of the judges and Victorya and Jillian are in the bottom. Rami and Christian get praise for their outfits and Chris is in the bottom as well. Ricky gets all verklempt on the runway and I guess the judges must like that sort of behavior because Ricky ends up winning the challenge. No, I did not like that at all. Sweet P was gypped out of a win again (she should have won the prom challenge). Victorya is aufed; as crappy as Jillian’s jacket was, at least she had some kind of concept. Victorya checked out of the competition as shown by her crap-tacular jacket.

I predicted in my first recap that Rami, Christian, and Victorya were going to be in the final 3. At least Rami and Christian look like they are still on track for Bryant Park. Sweet P and Ricky are in the bottom tier of the designers, then you have Chris and Jillian. Jillian can do no wrong, and the judges are hot and cold on Chris. One week they love him and the next they don’t. It’ll be interesting to see if Jillian can rebound from her appearance in the bottom.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 7: The Adventures of Captain Douchebag

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In this episode, the designers have to create an avant-garde look inspired by their model’s hairstyle. Some of the hairstyles are just awful (remember crimped hair). The designers are paired up randomly, the super duo of Rami and Jillian are no more. Rami is paired with Sweet P and Jillian is paired with Victorya. The remaining teams are Kit and Ricky and Chris and Christian. If a name is in bold, it means they are the captain of their teams.

Chris and Christian really seem to know what they’re doing. Kit voices that she is not really sure what avant-garde is. Rami is bossing Sweet P around. Victorya and Jillian are just doing their own thing.

Halfway through the challenge, Tim tells the designers that they have to make a ready to wear outfit in addition to the avant garde outfit. We get to see a bunch of “oh s-it” looks from the designers. Rami starts freaking out on Sweet P even more, he does not let her work on the avant garde dress, he assigns her to make a pair of pants with the a-g outfit and to work on the ready-to-wear outfit. Sweet P starts crying in the workroom and is comforted by Lea, one of the models.

We get to the runway show, Alberta Feretti is the guest judge. The top 2 teams are Chris/Christian and Victorya/Jillian. The bottom 2 teams are Rami/Sweet P and Kit/Ricky. Christian wins the challenge and Kit gets aufed. Now you know what I meant when I wrote in my prior post that I have lost motivation to recap. Kit was kind of screwed, first time in the bottom and she gets auf’ed. Rami was saved by Sweet P’s ready to wear dress, hopefully he went to the nearest bakery after the challenge and got himself some humble pie.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 7: Hmm, I Think I See a Shark Coming

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We start off, as usual, in the apartments. Since Eliza was eliminated, Victorya has moved into the apartment with the remaining female contestants (Sweet P, Kit, Jillian). Nothing of note happened in the guys apartments, although I did appreciate seeing Rami in his towel.

Heidi reveals the next challenge by bringing out 8 high school girls. The designers will be making prom dresses for the girls and unlike previous challenges, the designers do not choose who they will work with, it is the other way around. The girls chose their designers based on their portfolios.

Christian has met his match in Maddie, a wanna-be designer. She wants black, brown, gold, white, and lace. Oy vey….most of the other collaborations seem to be going smoothly. They go to Mood and purchase fabrics. Some designers choose wisely and others…well you’ll see later on.

Most of the designers have finished their dress and are chilling out, Christian is about ready to throw in the towel. We see the runway show and the top designers are Victorya and Sweet P. The judges put Ricky, Kevin, Rami, and Christian in the bottom.

Victorya wins the challenge, and Kevin gets auf’ed. The streak of crappy aufings has continued; maybe I’ll link to some pics of the designs if I feel like it.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 6: Yet Another Bullshit Aufing

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When you watch a competitive reality TV show, you should know that the contestants you grow attached to will most likely not win and might be eliminated before other less worthy contestants. Project Runway is certainly not an exception to the rule. What immediately pops to mind are the unfair eliminations of Nick in Season 2 and Allyson in Season 3.  So far, there have been a few headscratchers this season (why the hell is Ricky still in this?) but before we get to the aufing….

We start off in the New Gotham apartments, poor Kevin is all by himself, looking like a boy band reject; then we have Rami, Ricky, Chris, and Christian discussing the latest elimination and Christian doesn’t seem too torn up about it, he’s like “dude made an ugly dress, get over it”. 

Heidi shows up for the obligatory handing of the models to the designers. Christian decides to switch his model, Lisa, for Lea. Lisa ends up with Ricky and Rami decides to dump Ashley for Samantha. Heidi tells the designers that they will be taking a field trip early the next day.

Tim goes to the apartments at 6AM, most of the designers are in their PJs and are embarassed to have their mentor see them first thing in the morning. Kit was sporting some major bedhead. Tim takes them to Times Square and they find themselves in the Hershey store. They have the whole store to themselves, and they are told they have 5 minutes to pick up whatever they can find in the store. Jillian’s loot is twice as big as she is and it is hillarious to watch her try to drag 2 big bags full of stuff out of the store.

The designers have the whole day ( 12 hours?) to make the outfit. At first, they’re having a great time but as the day draws closer panic starts to set in for some of the designers. Christian decides to use peanut butter cup wrapping for his dress but tosses hundreds of innocent peanut butter cups in the trash. Sweet P decides to trash her first design and start over. Kit picks up the Kit-Kats (of course) and uses them for the bustier top she’s designing. Jillian is freaking out because she just now realized that Twizzlers are very difficult material to work with.  Eliza is all like “I’m thinking of Hansel & Gretel, blah blah blah” and we hear her talk about getting hit by a car in London and being in a coma for 5 days. Hmm, why all the relevation? Could it be because…oh we’ll see later.

Tim comes in and critiques their outfits. He has reservations about Eliza, Sweet P, and Victorya’s outfits. The next day, the models come in and Jillian puts her model to work sewing Twizzlers on the top. Rami is worried that his outfit will fall apart. You would be too if most of your outfit was made of paper. Zac Posen is the guest judge. You may remember him from last season’s black and white challenge.

The top 3 designers are: Rami, Chris, Jillian

The bottom 3 designers are: Eliza, Sweet P, Victorya 

Winner: Rami

Eliza was auf’ed.  I could have done without the silver floatation devices on her arms and the shade of brown was morose but Sweet P’s and Victorya’s dresses were simply uninspired. Victorya must have been watching some Monty Python because her model’s walk would have been right at home in the Ministry of Silly Walks. It was like “Yes I know my dress kinda sucks but maybe if I have my model walk like a weirdo it will distract the judges”. I would have been okay with Sweet P going home instead of Eliza. I do think Eliza at least should have outlasted Ricky, he dodged a bullet with this one. That bubble skirt he made was heinous.

In the next episode, the designers are making prom dresses. Oh, this should be a good one!

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 5: Jack Gets a Boo-Boo

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We start off in the apartments, Sweet P is sad that Chris is out of the competition. Meanwhile,  Jack talks to Kevin about his boo-boo. I know that when Big Peanut gets a boo-boo, his mommy gives him either ‘kiss medicine’, ‘juice medicine’, or ‘ice medicine’. Jack was icing his face; initially he thought it was only a zit but his face is swelling up. Did the ice medicine help? We shall see….

Heidi starts to introduce the next challenge to the designer and we see a figure standing behind the screen. Sweet P is not sure what that means, she opines that the figure could be a drag queen or a transvestite. A woman walks onto the runway in a wedding dress several sizes too big for her and she is followed by 10 other women in clothing way too big for them. All of these women have lost alot of weight, ranging from 50 lbs. to 160 lbs. each.

The challenge is for the designers to make an outfit for each of these women that uses their old outfits as raw material and that can be used in their everyday lives. The outfits also need to reflect the designers’ point of view. Heidi randomly pairs up the designers with each of the women and Steve gets the woman in the wedding dress. The “Oh s*it” look on his face was priceless.

The designers start sketching and they meet with their ‘models’. We learn that Christian’s model does not wear dresses, skirts, and prints and wears black and jeans everyday. Steven’s model wishes him luck. Tim tells the designers that they have $10 to buy extra fabric at Mood. While at Mood, Jillian decides to discard her model’s original shirt and get her fabric in the exact same red color as the shirt. Her excuse is that there are too many darts and seaming in the original fabric. Steven decides to discard most of the wedding dress fabric and buys a bunch of black dress fabric. He will use part of the dress for the collar and the sleeves. Will these decisions backfire?

Back in the design room, Jack is in pain and talks with his doctor about the zit that is no longer a zit. Jack thinks he has a MRSA infection on his face. When Tim comes in, Jack asks to speak with him in private. Due to health reasons, Jack decides to leave the show. Christian and Kit, his teammates in the last challenge, are the first to hug him goodbye.

After Jack leaves, Tim Gunn tells the designers that someone else is coming back in the competition. Chris March, who was in my opinion unfairly kicked off last challenge, comes back into the competition. Chris gets to work through the night because he is getting a late start.

The 2nd day of the challenge is upon us and most of the designers are content with their work, except for Steven. He is in such bad shape that even Kevin and Victorya help him finish. Steve looks like he is walking the plank in one of those pirate movies.

Patrick Robinson, head designer at The Gap, is the guest judge. The top three designers are: Kevin, Christian, and Jillian. The bottom three designers are: Chris, Eliza, and Steven.

I was not happy that Jillian was in the top 3, she didn’t follow the rules of the challenge. What’s the point of rules when people will not be penalized for breaking them? Rami should have been in the top 3 instead. Christian was the right choice for winner, his outfit is something that would fit with his client’s everyday life and she was very happy with it. Steven’s defeatist attitude did him in. There was no reason why he couldn’t have made a bustier out of the top of the wedding dress and paired it with a nice A-line skirt.

The only issue I had with Ricky’s outfit was the fabric he chose for the top, if you’re going to wear a nude top, at least wear a camisole underneath. I’m not sure if it was his choice or his client’s choice to not wear a tank top underneath. I would have put Victorya’s outfit in the bottom 3 instead of Chris March’s, that outfit was boring and had no sense of fun whatsoever. I thought Kit and Sweet P did awesome jobs with the material they were given.

I enjoyed seeing Tim Gunn’s interactions with the designers this week, we learned that he makes very bad decisions at 3AM. Don’t we all? Ricky trying on his outfit was funny, he would not make a good drag queen. It was a little touching to see him tear up when he was talking about his model, it would have been even more touching if we did not see him crying in every episode prior to that moment.

Previews for the next episode are intriguing, it looks pretty similar to the challenge last season where they had to use recyclable materials. I do hope Chris March gets to stay awhile, and I wonder if Jack will be brought back on the show in some capacity. Remember last season when Vincent and Angela were brought back? I think something similar will happen, we’ll see if I’m right.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 4: Lighten Up, It’s Just Fashion

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The challenge was for the designers to work with outdated fashion trends and make them current and relevant. Each designer had to choose a bad fashion trend. One more thing, they also had to work in teams of 3. The first name I put down for each team is the captain.

Christian, Kit, Jack: pleather, zoot suit, fringe

Jillian, Rami, Kevin: overalls, poodle skirt, 70s flare

Ricky, Victorya, Eliza: neon, underwear as outerwear, cutouts

Chris, Sweet P, Steven: shoulder pads, baggy sweater, dancewear

Some workroom drama included Jillian worrying over whether Kevin would finish making a pair of shorts, Ricky and Victorya’s total lack of communication, and Steven’s doubts about Chris March’s outfit, specifically the jacket.

Donna Karan joined the holy trinity as the guest judge this week.

Jillian won the challenge. You can see the winning designs here: Jillian, Rami, Kevin

Christian’s team did very well. You can see his team’s designs here: Christian, Kit, Jack

The bottom two teams were:

Ricky, Victorya, Elisa and Chris, Sweet P, and Steven.

Ricky and Chris were the bottom two, Chris was auf’ed.

I agreed with the judges choice for winner, but I could not be more unhappy with their decision to keep Ricky on. He reminds me of Ann from America’s Next Top Model Season 3. It seemed like Ann was in the bottom 2 like every other week and she stayed until the final 4. I  hope Ricky will leave before that point. Maybe he is a talented designer but so far, he is known more for being very emotional rather than for his designs.

Favorite Moments:

Christian calling his team “Team Star”

Steven doing a Tim Gunn imitation, not as good as Santino’s but his fellow designers seemed to like it

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 3: Panic on the Parsons set

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This installment of Project Runway was the most entertaining episode yet. Previews indicated that the designers would have a very difficult task. Did they have to design a garment blindfolded? with one hand tied behind their backs? blindfolded and one hand tied behind their backs?

The designers are told by Heidi Klum to meet Tim Gunn at 10 Rockefeller Plaza and that they do not need their models for this challenge. When the designers get to their destination, Tim introduces them to Tiki Barber, who used to play football for the New York Giants and is now a correspondent on the Today show. The challenge is to design a menswear outfit for Tiki Barber to be worn on the Today show. What makes this particular task so challenging? Well, only1 of the 13 designers competing have any experience designing menswear. That designer is Kevin. Let’s see how he does later.

There is much panic in the workroom; you have your cool, calm, and collected people like Kit, Rami, and Jack; then you have your designers running like chickens without their heads like Carmen, Ricky, and Sweet P. There is also major cattiness between Carmen and Ricky.

Judges: the holy trinity of Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors, special guest judge: Tiki Barber

Top 3 designs: Jack, Kit, Kevin

Bottom 3 designers: Sweet P, Carmen, Ricky

Winner: Jack

Loser: Carmen

I think Kit should have won the challenge. Her outfit was impeccable; choice of fabrics and colors was top notch, and the fit was perfect.  I wish they would have kicked Ricky off as well.

Here’s some new features for you

Favorite Quotes and Funny Moments

1. Jack dragging Christian into the design room 2x; first Jack carried Christian in a gym bag, second time Jack gave Christian a piggy back ride. Who needs the gym when you can lift Christian around everyday?

2. At Mood, Chris March asking Tim if Tiki Barber likes hot pants

3. Eliza acting all bashful and shy around her male model. Somehow that made her more endearing; I will change the channel if they show her doing downward dog again though.

4. When Tiki Barber’s wife came in to the workroom, I initially thought ‘Why is Kimora Lee Simmons on this show?”

5. Tiki Barber telling the designers about his body, specifically his butt. He sounded like such a girl.

6. Steven showing some personality: “what’s football? oh yeah, it’s the sport where it is acceptable to wear Spandex”; ever watch the Tour De France? Talk about a spandex parade; “It’s almost midnight and I’m wearing a pimp hat” said to Jillian the first night of the challenge; “The workroom reminded me of the Titanic, what was on the Titanic right before it sunk? Panic…”

Comments on the outfits:

1. Kevin: leave it to the straight guy to design the gayest menswear outfit possible.

2. Kit: how is it possible that a punk rock girl made an outfit that looks like it came out of the Ralph Lauren catalog?

3. Chris March: When I saw that all black outfit, the first thing I saw in my head was the Sprockets skit on SNL, back when the show used to be good.

Project Runway Season 4 Episode 2: OMG, It’s Carrie Bradshaw

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This installment of Project Runway promised an exciting, surprising guest judge and I have to say it delivered.

Challenge: Make a 2 piece outfit for Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line. Most pieces of clothing at Bitten sell for $20.00 or below. Getting back to the challenge, each team (7 teams, 2 designers to a team) has to create this outfit using $15.00 worth of fabric.

Each designer shows SJP his/her sketch and SJP chooses 7 sketches she likes: Kit, Ricky, Rami, Victorya, Marion, Christian, and Eliza. The teams are Kit/Chris, Ricky/Jack, Rami/Jillian, Victorya/Kevin, Marion/Steven, Christian/Carmen, and Eliza/Sweet P. Some teams struggle more than others (Marion/Steven, Eliza/Sweet P) but the results are surprising.

The top 2 outfits: Victorya/Kevin and Eliza/Sweet P

Bottom 2 outfits: Marion/Steven and Christian/Carmen.

Winner: Victorya

Loser: Marion

So, I forced my dad and Real Genius to watch Project Runway with me; I was sick of the constant barrage of football on the TV and decided to expose the men of my family to the world of fashion. I think they got a kick out of it. We were all laughing at almost every word and action of Chris March, I hope he makes it to Bryant Park although I don’t think he will. The judges will probably cut him off close to the end, like what they did with Kayne. They will also give a similar reason, something to do with bad taste.

Of course, the most apt comment about marion’s dress came from Real Genius, the minute we first saw that garment, Real Genius said “That looks like something from Lord of the Rings”; I was thinking “Potato Sack Couture: Coming to a Shopping Mall Near You”; either description was a very nice way of saying the dress was ugly.

Again, I agreed with the judges on their choice of winner and who gets auf’ed. Victorya’s dress fit right in with the Bitten clothing line; I was pleasantly surprised that the partnership of Eliza and Sweet P was successful. The first 2 episodes have given me enough of an idea of who I think will make the top 3 or 4 designers:

Rami, Victorya, Christian, Sweet P or Chris March 

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